Rootpal Review – Lifetime Deal Web Hosting

Are you tired of spending monthly or yearly fees on website hosting? If you are, then Rootpal may be the answer you’ve been looking for. In this Rootpal review, I’ll show you how you can get a lifetime deal of website hosting, so you can say bye to hosting subscriptions!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Since writing this initial review in 2021, Rootpal have since closed their website, and have disappeared. If you purchased the AppSumo deal, reach out to them and they may provide a partial refund (as some ltd purchasers have mentioned in various Facebook groups)

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What is Rootpal?

Rootpal is a web hosting company that provides low cost hosting for servers, websites, data and more. Their features are quite competitive, but nothing beats Rootpal when it comes to affordability. Starting as low as $4/month (non lifetime deal pricing), you can obtain a hosting platform that’ll allow your website to be built on a solid web server.

In addition to its affordable prices, they have a lot of other services that they can offer. For instance, they have an option for WordPress hosting. They also have dedicated IPs, SSD drives, CMS Auto Installers, and a lot more. Rootpal ensured that all you need when it comes to website hosting is available under one software.

Despite the presence of other web hosting platforms, Rootpal can do things other software don’t. For instance, they help pick the correct and perfect solution for all of your business problems. They can also assist you in migrating all your apps and projects from one platform to another. Lastly, developers of Rootpal built the software that keeps your servers and operating systems updated.

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Rootpal Features

As mentioned earlier, Rootpal includes several features that provide the best quality when it comes to website hosting. Written below are some of the best features that Rootpal can offer.

WordPress Hosting

One of the most important features of Rootpal is its WordPress Hosting. This feature allows you to manage your WordPress website using the tools and resources found within Rootpal. These tools and resources involve unlimited traffic or visitors, unlimited DDoS Protection, and unlimited bandwidth.

You can take advantage of this feature when you want to host one or more WordPress websites. Rootpal will provide fast and efficient ways to scale your website and they also included some great features mentioned with it.

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Other Hosting Services

Aside from WordPress, Rootpal also offers other hosting services. For instance, they can manage your website hosting by providing more storage and features. These features are the same as WordPress hosting.

What’s good about managed hosting is that it allows seamless management of different website hosting. With this, setting up your website and migrating will never be such a tough nut to crack.

Rootpal also has a VPS Hosting which gives you super secure, fully upgradeable, and ultra-fast virtual private servers (VPS). VPS is a virtual operating system located within the parent server which shares all resources with other virtual servers.

Rootpal can manage these VPS using their advanced technology. They support multiple operating systems from Windows and Mac to Ubuntu and Centos. Their managed VPS Hosting feature also has multiple levels of management which suits whatever you need with your website.

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Aside from the hosting platforms, Rootpal also offers NextCloud Server which allows you to control and manage your cloud storage. You can share NextCloud Files with other people within your network. You can even talk, chat, and share your screen using your NextCloud account.

Since Rootpal is a web hosting platform, it’ll be weird if it doesn’t include any web design feature. Rootpal’s affordable web design services are very easy to use, they’re optimized for search engines, and they’re customizable. Whatever you want with your website, Rootpal can provide that.

Rootpal Pricing

Rootpal has no definite pricing for all of its features. Rather, Rootpal’s features have their own pricing and capabilities. For instance, WordPress hosting has three pricing plans – Startup ($4/month), Grow ($7/month), and Scale ($10/month). On the other hand, VPS hosting has VPS Level 1 ($20/month), VPS Level 2 ($30/month), and VPS Level 3 ($50/month).

Rather than discussing all of the pricing plans of Rootpal, it’s better to discuss their lifetime deal web hosting. This means that you’ll pay one-time and the features of Rootpal will be yours for a lifetime.

For a one-time price of $100, you can get up to 20 GB of space, unlimited traffic/visitors, unlimited email accounts and DDoS Protection, a lifetime of SSL, and you can handle up to 2 websites.

Once you avail of the lifetime deal, you’ll be given a code that is valid for up to two WordPress sites. When you avail of more codes, you’ll be given more accounts to handle and more SSD storage.

Rootpal review lifetime deal

Rootpal Final Verdict

Overall, Rootpal has a lot of cool features that you can take advantage of. This web hosting service allows you to manage multiple websites that’ll help you grow your business in no time. From VPS hosting and web design, Rootpal has it all for you.

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Rootpal Review

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