ThriveDesk Review – Community Support Platform

Are you struggling to maintain good customer relationships? If yes, then ThriveDesk is the right one for you. ThriveDesk is a customer support platform that allows you to manage your interactions with your customers. In this ThriveDesk review, you’ll see all its capabilities and how it can help your business thrive.

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

What is ThriveDesk?

Almost 84% of companies that improved their customer service reported an increase in their revenues. As such, it’s important that you also focus on maintaining great customer service relationships. ThriveDesk provides an avenue for you to improve how you and your team interact with your customers.

ThriveDesk works best for those small-business enterprises that have small teams for customer service. Within ThriveDesk, you can have a support desk, a live chat widget that you can embed on your website, as well as communities and knowledge bases.

Aside from these features, which this article will discuss later, there are other cool things about ThriveDesk. For instance, you can use pre-populated responses to answer customer queries quickly. You can also detect if two people from your team are addressing the same customer query.

Furthermore, you can monitor CSAT surveys, save pre-made replies, add private messages, and tag important and urgent concerns. In this way, you can organize how you approach and address the concerns and queries of your customers.

ThriveDesk Hero

ThriveDesk Features

ThriveDesk has a lot of features that you can utilize to maintain good customer service relationships. Here are some of them.

Shared Inbox

Once you sign up for an account in ThriveDesk, you’ll have a shared inbox with your team. All the customer queries will go directly into this inbox, and you and your team can see it. Depending on how you instructed your team, all of you can respond to these queries and messages to address customers’ concerns.

You can use the aforementioned pre-saved messages to respond to concerns quickly or tag some conversations. You can also filter spam messages and move conversations from one inbox to another.

The shared inbox is the bread and butter of ThriveDesk. Here you can see how you and your team respond to concerns and queries. You know by experience how tough it is to address all commendations and grievances, but with ThriveDesk, you can deal with all of that under one platform.

ThriveDesk Shared Inbox

Live Chat

You can also embed a live-chat functionality on your website. With this functionality, you can reach more customers and address their problems right off the bat. Like the shared inbox feature, you can send pre-made messages for a smoother and effortless transaction.

The Live Chat feature has all its pros as well. You can edit the color scheme and font styles of the chat. You can also customize the notification sounds, draft a welcome message, and select which agents reply to the query.

With the live chat and shared inbox combo, you can ensure that you can address customer concerns and queries right away. It helps not just the customers but your business as well in engaging with your customers.

ThriveDesk Live Chat


One of the best things about ThriveDesk is the Community space for business owners and customers. With this feature, you can have all people from your team and your customers engage with one another. It increases customer lifetime value and drives their confidence towards your products and services.

You can embed all your social media profiles in this community space, show user-generated content, drive engagements, and gather feedback. By building a community for your customers, you increase their social trust and ensure that they become loyal to your brand.

ThriveDesk Communities

ThriveDesk Pricing

ThriveDesk has three pricing plans: Free, Starter, and Pro. The free trial gives you access to some of the features of ThriveDesk for 14-days. You can test if this product will work for your business or not.

If you think it’ll work, you can upgrade to the Starter plan at $25.00/month. This plan includes three mailboxes for up to five users. It also allows you to build one community, one document site, an assistant with live chat, and many more.

On the other hand, the Pro plan costs $99.00/month, and it has all the Starter pack features plus more. It includes access to five mailboxes for an unlimited number of users. You can also build two communities, two document sites, API access, and other future features.

ThriveDesk Pricing

ThriveDesk Final Verdict

Overall, ThriveDesk is a great product for business owners who want to engage with their customers. This platform provides an easy way for you to answer concerns and reply to customers. With its low pricing, you can guarantee your customers’ trust in your brand.

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ThriveDesk Review

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

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