About Us

Why Marketer Dojo?

My name is Phil and I created this site to help you navigate through all the fluff on the internet. For so long I was in the same position as you, looking for something to get started with. The truth is, there is so much hype and aggressive marketing out there that it is hard to really actually figure what is right for you.

Hopefully, this website will help you with that.

My Story into Online Marketing

As I mentioned before, my name is Phil and I’m from a small town in New Zealand. In 2014 I decided to make a start on the internet after hearing many stories of triumph from those who dared to try. Of course, for 4 months I was trying this that and everything in between, which lead to a massive financial and time loss.

After investing a crazy amount, I finally found a course which resonated with what I was trying to learn and I finally started seeing some return for all my efforts.

Some of my successes on the internet now include running a successful travel blog, becoming a social media influencer, creating a digital marketing company, becoming a top affiliate in certain marketing campaigns and also I have raised money for various charity events.

I don’t consider myself something incredibly amazing, but I am always learning and consistently travel to expand my horizons. You are what you think you are, so always believe in yourself, push yourself and never give up on your hopes and dreams.

My Advice for Newbies

The key to all of this isn’t just buying into the hype, 90% of the time it’s nothing that you actually want anyway. It’s about finding someone who believes in actually helping you, telling you what they have laid out for you and what you can achieve if you follow their guidance or training.

If you’re looking for something to get you off the ground and making a start online, make sure you check out my recommendations on what I think are viable places to get off the ground. No doubt they’ll get you on the right track!

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