Aweber Review – Email Marketing and Push Notifications

Are you looking for an email marketing platform that does landing pages and push notifications? Then, you might want to try Aweber, an email marketing software built for digital marketing. In this Aweber review, you’ll see how this tool works, what it does, and if it’s the right software for you.

Rated 4.0 out of 5.0

What is Aweber?

As mentioned, Aweber is an email marketing platform that does a lot of other things besides email automation. Aweber also allows you to create landing pages, forms, pop-ups, and push notifications. You can even use Canva within the platform to edit graphics and images for your marketing campaigns. 

What’s great about Aweber is the versatility of this software. For instance, you can use the platform for a variety of reasons – from email automation to building a successful eCommerce store. Aweber is also very easy to use with all the available templates and drag & drop capability. 

Once you sign up for a free or premium account, you can go through the onboarding sequence which lets you import your subscribers, welcome new ones, or create and publish your landing page. You can then create messages, form lists and segments, draft some emails, or increase your engagements with push notifications. 

With Aweber, you can capture the attention of your customers and subscribers, provide them value through your campaigns, and convert them into loyal customers. The user interface may be simple and rudimentary, but Aweber definitely does its job so well considering that it has a free pricing plan with a lot of features.

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Aweber Features

Aweber has a lot of features and this blog won’t be enough to cover them all. The main spice of Aweber lies in email marketing, landing page creation, and push notifications. Here are some of the best features of Aweber and how they can help improve your business.

Email Marketing

Aweber is an email marketing software, so, its main feature revolves around email marketing campaigns. There are a lot of email marketing platforms in the market but nothing beats the simplicity of Aweber. The platform is very easy to use and it serves those people who have started their small businesses. 

In Aweber, there’s a drag-and-drop email builder which allows you to create email campaigns for your subscribers. The email builder comes with a lot of features such as customizable templates and visual elements that you can drag and drop into your emails.

You can even open Canva within Aweber to edit images, headers, and any graphics. The only downside with this feature is that you need to click on the image or graphics to implement the changes. 

After crafting your email, you can then opt to save it or publish it right away. There’s also an option to schedule its sending to manage your hectic schedule. 

Aweber also allows you to automate your emails, optimize the tags, create the welcome messages, and even employ some triggers for your campaigns. There is also automation for lead magnets, blogger series, and a mini-course. 

Aweber Review Email Marketing

Landing Pages

Aside from email campaigns and automation, you can also create effective landing pages with Aweber. You can either create one from scratch or choose from a variety of templates for your landing page. The templates may look a little bit plain but it serves the purpose of landing pages. Besides, you can edit them by dragging and dropping elements. 

Within Aweber’s landing page builder, you can also add hyperlinks, forms, custom fields, domains, and many more. You also have the option to change the colour scheme, font style & colour, and even allow people to copy your page into their accounts. There’s also an option to link your social media handles and perform some basic analytics. 

Aweber Review Landing Page

Push Notifications

Push notifications are messages that pop up on your visitor’s browser whatever the device they’re using. Push notifications serve as a quick communication channel for any announcements, discounts, or offers that you have for your customers.

Aweber allows you to create push notifications for your visitors or subscribers. Within this feature, all you need to do is to input your title, short message, notification link URL, and you’re good to go. You can even add images or business logos for more authenticity.

Aweber Pricing

What’s great about Aweber is that it offers a Free pricing plan aside from the Pro plan. The Free plan offers a whole lot of features that you can take advantage of even without a credit card. With the Free pricing plan, you can have up to 500 email subscribers, landing pages, web push notifications, drag&drop builder, email templates, forms, and so much more. 

On the other hand, the Pro plan pricing depends on whether you’ll pay monthly, quarterly, or annually; as well as on the number of subscribers that you have. For a maximum of 500 subscribers with annual payments, the Pro plan costs $16.15/month. The price increases as your subscriber list increases.

The Pro plan has all the features of the Free plan, plus unlimited email lists, advanced email automation, the option to remove Aweber branding, and some detailed insights and analytics. In addition, you can create sign-up forms for split testing, save and send custom segments, webpage, and email tracking, advanced analytics, and many more!

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Aweber Final Verdict

Overall, Aweber is a decent email marketing software that allows you to do the most basic and simplest email marketing tasks. It’s perfect for those people who have started their own business and want to engage with their audience through email marketing. Nevertheless, it also works well even with professional marketers and big agencies who want to try something simple for a very complex task.

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Aweber Review

Rated 4.0 out of 5.0

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