bCast Suite Review – All in one Podcast Marketing Solution

Ever wanted to create your own podcast, but gave up due to overwhelm? In comes bCast Suite! In this bCast Suite review, I’ll show you how this all in one podcast marketing solution will give you everything you need to successfully launch your podcast!

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

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What is bCast Suite?

bCast suite is the answer to so many prayers when it comes to getting success with a Podcast. The original launch of bCast created huge ripples in the podcasting industry helping people launch their podcasts quickly and easily, and now 2 more tools have been added to create the bCast suite.

What does the bCast Suite do?

The bCast suite allows you to create your own podcast, either using your own voice or an AI-generated voice, and send that podcast to all the major podcast networks to help get the most amount of exposure to you and your podcast. 

There is also an option for those who don’t have time to create a podcast, to use creative commons content on the internet and create a unique AI voiced podcast in less than 10 minutes, and create an infinite amount of podcasts based on your niche. (without ever having to grab a mic!)

Inside of the bCast Suite you’ll find:


The original bCast product that received 4.7 out of 5 on Appsumo when they first launched with thousands of members. This tool allows you:

  • Quickly set up a podcast with a prebuild website
  • Submit episodes with one click to the top podcast channels
  • Transcribe your podcasts
  • Gather email addresses with an auto optin
  • Track your downloads and metrics
  • Integrate with 3rd party software
  • Create private podcasts
  • Add in Audio Inserts (for advertising)


 bContent is the first addition to the bCast suite which is perfect for people who are creating podcasts for clients or want to create a podcast without actually having to make one yourself. This unique first-of-its-kind tool finds YouTube videos and transcribes the video into text. The reason this is so powerful is once it’s transcribed, you’ll be able to use the next tool in the suite to turn that into a Podcast!


bVoice is the ultimate voice over software that you can use to create your own podcasts, without having to actually speak it. If you have a fear of actually speaking out your podcast, you can use this tool to speak it for you. The other great use for bVoice is if you use bContent for collecting niche text, then you can create a podcast instantly without having to research or do any of the heavy lifting. 

Once you have created your AI-generated podcast, it’s time to use bCast to upload your podcast, add it to your pre-created website, and let the one-click submissions send your podcast around the internet, to get some new listeners!

bCast Suite Review

bCast Suite Features

With bCast Suite, you’ll be able to:

  • Distribute your podcast instantly to the most popular podcast networks ie: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, etc.
  • Publish your Podcast as a video for YouTube – you’ll be able to with a click of a button create a video using your podcast audio and image to then upload the video to your YouTube channel.
  • Add in audio inserts (advertisements) with a few clicks of a button. No more technical editing to add in advertisements, instead just record and a couple of clicks later, the insert is added to your backlog of podcasts.
  • Generate leads with the call to action box on your podcast website. Simply mention if they want to receive special offers and keep updated, to sign up on your website!
  • Integrate leads with your Email Marketing Autoresponder – Grow your email list by integrating the subscription box with your email marketing platform of choice to help get more visitors and sales in your business.
  • Transcribe your videos with 1-Click: Turn your podcast into a blog post with 1-click so you can help improve your search engine visibility!
  • Run your own Podcast Website: Once you get started with bCast Suite, you’ll automatically get your own optimised website ready to host your podcasts and start generating leads.
  • Monitor statistics: See how many downloads, subscriptions and emails you get with the analytics dashboard to monitor what’s working, and what isn’t!

Plus SO many more features.
bCast Review

Why choose bCast?

If you’re looking at creating a podcast or even just looking for a way to generate more traffic, bCast can quickly and easily fulfil your entire podcast needs.

From distributing your podcast episodes to generating leads and even creating entire podcasts using AI, bCast can do all the heavy lifting for you. 

bCast Pricing - PreLaunch

If you were to purchase just bCast on it’s own without the suite, it would cost you $15 per month just to get started. However, if you’re reading this article, you are lucky enough to get the entire suite at launch pricing! This means heavy discounts which may never be repeated.

Personal License $77 One-Time ($75 early bird)

The Personal License allows you to use bCast, bContent and bVoice software for 1x podcast in total. This is a one time price meaning no subscriptions!

Commercial License $97 One-Time ($77 early bird)

The Commercial License is the same as the Personal License however you can create up to 3x podcasts rather than one. This is a no brainer if you want to potentially create a podcast in the future.

OTO 1: bCast Suite Unlimited - $197

For those who want more than 3 podcasts, there’s also the option to upgrade to the bCast Suite Unlimited plan which will give you unlimited podcasts that you can create. Perfect for those marketers who want to drive insane amounts of traffic!

OTO 2: bCast Suite Business - $67

As Podcasts are becoming more and more popular, there is a huge opportunity for those who want to create a Podcast service for clients. This is what the bCast Suite Business upgrade allows you to do! All for just a simple upgrade of $67

OTO 3: bCast Suite Whitelabel - $297

If you really love bCast and want to resell it as your own, you can! The bCast Suite Whitelabel license allows you to Whitelabel and resell bCast as your own. Everything from marketing, renaming, collecting payments and more is all included with the Whitelabel license.

OTO 4: PodReel - $67

The final upgrade you can get your hands on is PodReel which is a video optimisation tool for bCast. With PodReel you get the ability to create waveforms (moving) video backgrounds on your videos, add in progress bars, create custom text and translate the podcast into 50+ different languages. 

If your podcast is on a great topic and you want worldwide exposure, then PodReels can help you achieve a professional and multilingual option for your Podcasts.

bCast Suite Final Review

If you are wanting to get into the Podcasting market, then it’s a no brainer to get bCast. They already have proven success in the market with their previous launch, so get yourself a bargain while it’s in the launch phase.

bCast Suite Bonuses

If you get started with bCast Suite using any of the links on this page, you’ll also be eligible for my bCast Suite bonuses which will help you increase your marketing efforts in every aspect! You’ll receive:

Leadono Bonus Six Figure Swipes

Six Figure Swipes Lite = $97 value

Copy email campaigns that make individuals six figures a year in affiliate commissions. Quickly and easy take your affiliate game from zero to super affiliate without learning any copywriting! Help take your marketing game to the next level.

WP Commission Cloaker = $97 value

Google can penalise your websites for adding affiliate links inside your articles. Sometimes social media can too! Luckily with WP Commission Cloaker you can hide your affiliate links to make them look like regular website pages and keeping all platforms happy!

Self Publishing Master Guide = $97 value

As you go deeper into your online business and content creation journey, you’ll start to realise you have a lot of information to share. In this self publishing master guide, you’ll learn the best ways of publishing your own content!

Zero Hour Work Week Course = $97 value

As the name suggests, this course will teach you how you can automate your business and create your very own zero hour work weeks.

Ultimate Traffic Mantra = $97 value

Looking for a traffic flood into your business? You need the Ultimate Traffic Mantra. In this training program, you’ll learn how you can create endless traffic using simple traffic generating strategies. Even better, learn how you can monetize your traffic!

How to Make $100/Day From Your Smart Phone Training = $97 value

We use our phones every single day, so why not create a daily profit from it too. In this training course, you’ll learn how you can easily make $100 per day using just your smart phone and an internet connection.

Gmail Autoresponder Training = $97 value

If you’re looking for an affordable solution for email marketing, this simple training will teach you how you can turn your gmail account into an email autoresponder service to help with your marketing efforts!

25 Music Loops Pack = $97 value

If you’re looking for an affordable solution for email marketing, this simple training will teach you how you can turn your gmail account into an email autoresponder service to help with your marketing efforts!

Leadono Bonus List Building

List Building on Steroids = $97 value

Learn how to build a HUGE list FAST. This eBook will teach you how to double your commissions and conversions using one simple strategy. Take your list building to a whole new level with List Building on Steroids!


Explode Your YouTube Channel= $97 value

YouTube is the talk of the town and is a traffic generating machine! Learn how you can quickly and easily follow a simple strategy to help you explode your YouTube channel and start driving more visitors to your links.

To Claim The Bonuses

Once you have purchased bCast Suite, simply go to my “Claim Bonuses” page and fill in the form there. Once I receive the form, I’ll send through your bonuses!

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BCast Suite Review

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

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