ClientJoy Review – CRM Software for Freelancers & Agencies

Are you having a lot of trouble managing your customers’ data and information? Fret no more because ClientJoy is the right solution for you. ClientJoy is a CRM software for freelancers and agencies that allows you to manage your leads and customers. This ClientJoy Review will help you determine if this software suits the way you handle your business.

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0
ClientJoy Review

What is ClientJoy?

ClientJoy is a CRM software for freelancers and agencies that allows you to manage many different things within your business. ClientJoy can manage the way your leads as well as your customers.

In addition, this software also allows you to send proposals, invoices, notes, and many more. You can do all of this in one place, which also helps in organizing your business.

Using ClientJoy can help you grow your business or your agency. With all its capabilities, you can save a lot of time and effort in managing your business. With ClientJoy, you can get happy clients and a faster return of profit.

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ClientJoy Features

As mentioned, ClientJoy can help you grow your business with its unique features and capabilities. These features, which will be discussed later, are all present in other CRM software available in the market. However, ClientJoy compiles them all in a single place while maintaining a user-friendly look to its interface.

Here are some of the best features of ClientJoy that you can take advantage of.

Sales Pipeline

ClientJoy prides itself on the Sales Pipeline feature. Within this feature, you can import and an existing record of leads as well as update if you need to do some changes. You can also set the status of your leads to know at what stage of purchasing they’re currently at.

Using the Sales Pipeline also allow you to assign the record of your leads to certain salespeople to guide them with the buying process. Lastly, you can also create custom properties so that you can capture some information about your leads or potential customers.

ClientJoy Review Sales Pipeline

Client Portal

Another cool feature of ClientJoy is the Client Portal that allows you to upload and update details of your previous customers with ease. Within this ClientJoy, you can also create client records so that you can access this record anytime you want.

In addition, you can also share files, create proposals, sort and search your tags, and add some notes on your customer interaction. To put it simply, the client portal is almost the same as the sales pipeline feature. The only difference is that the sales pipeline is for your leads while the client portal is for your customers.

ClientJoy Review Client Portal

Proposals and Invoices

You can also create proposals using Rich HTML creator. Once you create proposals, it’ll also let you update its status, email the proposal to your constituents, and allow tracking by potential clients. Overall, this feature allows business owners to create proposals and let other people within the business read and edit the proposal.

Aside from proposal creation, business owners can also create an invoice for the customers. This removes the hassle of using other software to create receipts and invoices for your customers. Additionally, this Invoice feature also allows you to record payments, track emails, and merge duplicate invoices.

ClientJoy Review Invoice

ClientJoy Pricing

ClientJoy offers three pricing plans – Basic, Plus, and Pro. The Basic Plan costs $9/month and it’s good for 1 user only. This pricing plan can cater to unlimited clients and all features are included. If you are a solopreneur or a freelancer, this pricing plan works best for you.

On the other hand, if you want to have ClientJoy that can accommodate up to 3 users, you can switch to the Plus Plan which costs $19/month. This has all the features included and works best for small agencies looking to grow.

Lastly, the Pro Plan suits large agencies and businesses. It costs $49/month and can cater to up to 10 users at a time. It has all the features as well and can cater to an unlimited number of clients.

If you need to have extra features without upgrading your plans, you can opt for the add-ons that ClientJoy offers. You can pay an extra $9/month if you want to add 5 users to your current plan, or if you want to run ClientJoy on your website.

ClientJoy Review Pricing

ClientJoy Final Verdict

Overall, ClientJoy software for freelancers and agencies allows you to change the way you manage leads and customers with relative ease. This software can help you monitor the way leads to purchase your products and study how your previous customers return for your services. With this software at hand, you can assure that you deliver quality products to your consumers.

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ClientJoy Review

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0

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