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Are you a creator who wants to grow your audience as well as your income? If yes, then ConvertKit will serve as your best platform. ConvertKit allows you to create landing pages, sales funnels, eCommerce funnels, and a lot more. This email marketing and eCommerce software platform will surely help you grow your business in no time.

Rated 4.7 out of 5

What is ConvertKit?

Whether you’re creating a podcast, a newsletter, a book, or a collection, you can make your work known using ConvertKit. As mentioned, ConvertKit offers several features that allow you to create eCommerce funnels and landing pages.

In fact, almost 405,000 creators use ConvertKit to reach millions of people across the globe. Several examples include Neil Patel, Pat Flynn, Tim McGraw, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Fantasia, and a lot more.

ConvertKit will help you with a lot of things for your business. One, it will assist you in growing your business. By using ConvertKit, you can create landing pages to attract and collect subscribers from different parts of the world. 

Also, ConvertKit fosters your fanbase, creating a healthy community that supports your work. Lastly, you can earn from your work by using ConvertKit to create sales funnels and marketing strategies that work.

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ConvertKit Features

ConvertKit offers a lot of features that will help your business grow. From growing your fanbase to connecting with them to the actual marketing and selling products, ConvertKit has it all. Here are the main features that make ConvertKit a standout among other digital marketing tools.

Landing Pages and Email Sign Up Forms

First and foremost, ConvertKit allows business owners and creators to build beautiful and eye-catching landing pages. With the landing pages created by ConvertKit, your visitors will become leads. 

You don’t even have to possess professional or technical skills when it comes to creating landing pages. ConvertKit will provide you with a customizable template that you can edit according to your preference.

You can also create a lasting impression with your audience through the free email sign-up forms that ConvertKit provides. To convert your visitors into leads, you need to entice them with something to make them sign up to your page. 

With ConvertKit, creating email sign-up forms requires little to no effort at all. Responsive and customizable, ConvertKit can help you build the fanbase and audience that you always aspired.

Email Marketing Features

Using ConvertKit, you don’t have to sweat yourself out with making emails to boost your audience engagement. ConvertKit has all the tools that’ll help you spend less time in creating email marketing strategies, and more on creating your valuable content.

The email marketing features within ConvertKit provide easy-to-use email templates that you can edit anytime. These templates save you the hassle of taking so much time in producing your template. You can even set a default template that you can use anytime inspiration hits.

In fact, ConvertKit has a delivery rate of 98%. This means that almost all emails produced by ConvertKit got delivered in the inbox instead of spam. Also, 30% of those emails delivered were read which means there’s a high chance that a visitor can become a lead.

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eCommerce and Creator Pro

ConvertKit also offers some features that will allow you to transform leads into customers, audience into profit. With 3 easy steps, you can start earning using your work or product.

First, you need to add details about your product such as the price and the variations available. Next, you’ll need to customize the page where you’ll be placing your product. This page must match your brand and the overall aesthetic that you envisioned. Lastly, you can send your customers their purchases and get paid for them.

Whether you sell eBooks or conduct Podcasts, ConvertKit can help you set up the right way for one-time purchases. There’s no limit to what you can do with ConvertKit!

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ConvertKit Pricing

ConvertKit has three pricing plans and each one depends on the number of email subscribers that you have. The first pricing plan is free for up to 1000 email subscribers. 

With the free pricing plan, you can manage your subscribers, create an unlimited number of landing pages and forms, as well as send emails and digital products subscriptions.

If you want to get a pricing plan that offers more, or if you have more than 1000 email subscribers, you can get the Creator Plan. At a baseline of 1000 email subscribers, you can get the plan at $25/month. The amount increases as the number of your subscribers increases. 

The Creator plan also offers free migration of tools from another software and the creation of automated funnels and sequences, on top of the features offered in the Free Plan.

Lastly, the Creator Pro costs $66/month at a baseline of 3,000 email subscribers. Like the Creator plan, the price increases as the number of your subscribers increases. On top of the features offered by both the Free and Creator Plan, you can customize your Facebook audience, create a newsletter referral system, manage subscriber scoring, and obtain advanced reporting on your business.

Whether you’ll subscribe to Creator or Creator Pro, the first two months of payment are free so that you can try it out. This allows you to test the waters and see if ConvertKit is the perfect software for you.

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ConvertKit Final Verdict

Overall, ConvertKit is a nice software that you can use to boost your audience engagement and convert leads into sales. This software might lack advanced email marketing features such as CRM but it’s a great starting point for anyone who wishes to grow their business. After all, this software is recommended by almost anyone who ventured into digital marketing.

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ConvertKit Review

Rated 4.7 out of 5

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