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Are you struggling to keep your business running? If so, then Flowlu might be the best solution for you. Flowlu is a business management software that allows the user to manage tasks and projects, finance, customer relationship, and even agile projects. With this software, you won’t have any troubles managing the little things in your business.

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0

What is Flowlu?

As mentioned, Flowlu is a business management software that allows the user to manage everything in their online business. One of the main things that Flowlu does best is project and task management. With this, you can prioritize, organize, and synchronize all the tasks within your business.

In addition, there are also financial management and invoicing capabilities present within Flowlu. By using this within Flowlu, you can reduce the time you spend in automating invoices and estimating generations. Aside from financial management, you can also manage customer relationships and agile projects within Flowlu.

Lastly, Flowlu also allows you to collaborate with your teammates and discuss projects with them. Anywhere you are, you can always be informed about your business. It has a feed and messenger, comments and mentions, even instant notifications, and mind maps.

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Flowlu Features

Flowlu has a lot of features that you can take advantage of. These features are very easy to use, and it requires little knowledge about software and applications. Here are some of the best features of Flowlu.

Online CRM

With the online CRM available within Flowlu, you can easily manage your sales and conversions. You can also easily track the progress of your projects and interactions with your customers. In addition, you can plan new activities and store new email communications within the CRM available in Flowlu.

What’s great about the online CRM in Flowlu is the online lead management that allows you to manage your conversion from lead to sales. It helps you strategize your marketing campaign, plan your sales, and manage your business prospects.

Flowlu CRM

Project and Task Management

With Flowlu, you can also manage your projects and tasks, all at the same time. You can create your portfolio, manage the workload of the team, and collaborate with them if necessary. Using this feature, you can streamline your tasks and projects, putting more focus on your customers.

With this feature, you can also evaluate the performance of a project. You can get real-time data on the performance of your projects and determine what needs improvement. You can also track the progress of each project, and budget your time and money wisely.

Flowlu Task Management

Financial Management

Also, one of the best features of Flowlu is the capability to manage your finances. You can track your cash flows, expenses, sales, and profits with Flowlu. All you need to do is to put in the details and then you can store, create, edit, and duplicate financial reports for your business.

In addition, you can issue invoices for your customers. This allows transparency when it comes to your finances, and it also builds credibility with your brand. These invoices are fully customizable by adding your logo, adjusting the layout, and changing the color scheme. Indeed, Flowlu has the best features when it comes to managing your online business.

Flowlu Pricing

Flowlu has five pricing plans – Free, Team, Business, Professional, and Enterprise Plan. For beginners, the Free plan is available. It’s free and it’s limited to 2 users with up to 1GB of storage. This plan works best for startup business who sells a limited amount of product and services.

If you want to upgrade your account, the next most affordable plan is the Team plan which costs $29.00/month. It’s good for 8 users and offers 10GB of storage. The other plan is the Business plan which costs $59.00/month. It’s limited to 16 users and offers 50GB of storage. These plans work best for small-scale businesses that offer products and services on a larger scale.

The Professional plan costs $119.00/month. It’s good for 25 users and offers 100GB of storage. The last plan is the Enterprise plan which costs $199.00/month. It’s good for an unlimited number of users and has a storage of 1000GB storage. These last two plans work best for large-scale businesses that sell products and services on a massive scale.

Flowlu Pricing

Flowlu Final Verdict

Overall, Flowlu has all the best capabilities as a business management software. It makes business and selling a lot easier using its features such as the online CRM and financial management tools. If you need a tool to accompany you in making your business successful, then Flowlu is the right choice.

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Flowlu Review

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0

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