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Are you struggling to create content that people do need? If yes, then may do the work for you., or Frase, is an SEO tool that focuses on supplying answers to questions that bloggers and audiences are looking for. With this tool, you can hit the right keyword targets and create valuable content. This review will help you determine if this software is the right one for you.

Rated 4.7 out of 5

What is

As mentioned, Frase allows the user to focus on supplying answers to questions that people are looking for. What Frase does is scan all the top listings for a particular type of keyword and bring the results you need to create valuable content. Frase will check the highest-ranking websites and will determine the common factors among them.

In addition, the process of generating SEO-optimized content guides is simple and easy. First, you need to input the workflow and the target keyword that you want. The keyword is important because this is the heart and soul of what you’ll do next. Afterward, you need to run the software and Frase will return the answers for your query.

What Frase will return will include the suggested word count, number of headers, links, and even the number of images. It’ll also provide you with some header suggestions and other things you may want to include in your content. On top of that, you can also see the topic scores, questions, and internal/external links that you can use. Review Hero Features

Frase has two main features that come along with it. These features are Frase Content and Frase Answers. These features not only cut the time you’ll spend on SEO, but they’ll also guide you to create content that’ll drive your SEO results like crazy.

Frase Content

Frase content specializes in creating optimized content that will help your website rank high in search engines and convert leads into sales. When you open up your account, you’ll get redirected to the Frase outline builder like the one discussed earlier. After running the software based on the keyword, Frase will provide a content brief for guided writing.

Then, you’ll need to write the content based on the optimized number of words, the number of headings, suggested internal and external links, as well as the number of images. This is highly important because it increases your content ROI by 10x, and it also generates more organic traffic.

Frase Answer

While Frase Content focuses on the questions asked by your audience, Frase Answer provides answers to queries and questions from your customers either on chat or search. For instance, if an audience happened to read one of your contents, they might ask some questions. 

To save time, you can employ the AI Frase Answer feature to organize your content and provide the answer to your audience, instantly, without any delays.

Aside from providing answers, this feature also allows the user to conduct site-search which organizes your content for easier reading. You can also employ AI chatbots to answer any queries coming from your customer. In short, anything that your customer might ask will be answered by Frase Answer in the most accurate way possible. Review Answers

User-friendly interface

Frase has a user-friendly interface that allows the user to enjoy the whole experience. Although Frase has a lot of things in common with SurferSEO, Frase has a more simplistic design. It has less clutter and fewer unnecessary details. In addition, Frazer’s ease-of-use makes it a go-to if you’re still trying to break the digital marketing ceiling. Pricing has three pricing plans: Basic, Team, and Enterprise. If you’re unsure what plan to get, you can opt for the 7-day trial for $1.00. In case you want to upgrade, you can select the Basic plan at $44.99/month. This plan works best for small-scale businesses and entrepreneurs who’re just getting started with SEO. This plan comes with 1 user seat, 30 document credits, unlimited sharing, and a limited AI writing assistant. 

If your business comprises more than one person, the Team Plan will work for you. It costs $114.99/month, and it has all the features included in the Basic plan. On top of that, it provides unlimited credit and Google Docs Integration. 

The last plan is the Enterprise Plan. The cost of this plan depends on the number of seats that you have. You must contact Frase to quote for the pricing. Anyway, the plan includes features such as unlimited document credits, API access, and unlimited AI Content Generation. Review Pricing Final Verdict

Overall, is a great substitute for more expensive SEO Content Curation tools. It has a more simplistic style and it’s easy to use compared to others. Despite its affordable price, still delivers what needed to be done, and that’s great enough.

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Rated 4.7 out of 5

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