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Close more sales with Fresh Proposals, a platform that allows you to create practical proposals from pre-made templates. In this Fresh Proposals review, you’ll see what this tool does and how it can help your business grow.

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

What is Fresh Proposals?

If your business revolves around pitching ideas and getting clients, then you’re the best person to optimize Fresh Proposals. With this tool, you can create and draft proposals that can ensure agreement from your prospective clients.

One of the main benefits of using Fresh Proposals is the ease of use and customizability. You can now veer away from tedious word documents and shift into Fresh Proposals. It has a lot of templates available, and you can use any one of them depending on your purpose.

Once you’re able to select a template, you can then customize it. You can add images and videos, change the text, and improve the color scheme. You also have the option to put a quote to eSign your proposals. In this way, you can lessen your client’s hassle in agreeing with your proposal. 

In addition, Fresh Proposals added a feature where you can see if your clients have seen or read your proposals. It will provide you with some analytics on what part you should improve and what sections are the most read.

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Fresh Proposals Features

Some of the features are already mentioned before this section. However, there are still others that you need to know before purchasing a premium plan with Fresh Proposals. Here are some of the best features of Fresh Proposals.

Customizable Templates

Aside from choosing and customizing the right template, there are still other things that you can do with Fresh Proposals. For instance, you can save existing sections from other templates and use them on the one you’re editing. 

You can also use an online signature to prevent the hassles of printing your proposal, signing it, and mailing it back to you. You can even use videos for your proposals. Gone are those days where you rely on the same boring proposals with nothing but text. 

Fresh Proposals provides enough room for your creativity to shine.

Fresh Proposals Review Templates

Proposal Analytics

We’ve been there — drafting a proposal, sending it to the client, waiting for the response, only to meet nothing but silence from the other party. With Fresh Proposals, you can now track how your proposals went from drafting to signing.

Proposal Analytics gives you some detailed information about the performance of your proposals. You can view if they’ve opened it, read it, and even which sections are the most viewed. 

The analytics will also give you how much time did the client spent reading your proposals. In addition, you also have the option to receive emails when a proposal is read.

Fresh Proposals Review Analytics

Interactive Quotation and Pricing

What’s also great about Fresh Proposals is the interactive quotation for your proposals. With this feature, you can allow the client to update your prices based on their deliberations. You can also add fixed and recurring fees and include some prices that your clients can remove.

Honestly, this is one of the best decisions Fresh Proposals has ever made. By allowing your clients to update the prices or quotations, you also create room for adjustments from you and your clients. It takes a lot of time to bounce emails from business to client and having this feature saves a lot more than you could imagine.

Fresh Proposals Pricing

Fresh Proposals has two pricing plans named I Got Wings, and We Can Fly. I Got Wings cost $18.00/month, and it allows up to ten proposals per user. If you need an additional user in this pricing plan, you’ll need to pay an additional $18.00/month. Other features include an unlimited number of clients and templates. 

On the other hand, We Can Fly costs $29.00/month, allowing 15 proposals per user. In this plan, you can have up to 3 users, and if you need more users in this plan, you’ll add $29.00/month. It also offers an unlimited number of templates and clients.

Fresh Proposals Review Pricing

Fresh Proposals Final Verdict

Overall, Fresh Proposals is a unique app that allows you to create compelling proposals for your clients. With this tool, you can save more time and effort in growing your business and lessen the hassles of sending and signing a proposal. This tool would work best with anyone tired of drafting proposals that seem to go nowhere.

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Fresh Proposals Review

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

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