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Do you want to spice up your website? Then Interactr Evolution, or Interactr, is the right app for you. Interactr Evolution is an industry-first video editing software that allows you to turn your existing videos into interactive videos. In this Interactr Evolution review, you’ll see all its capabilities and how it can help you.

Rated 4.0 out of 5.0

What is Interactr?

Videos are proven to engage more with the audience. Make an interactive video, and you’ll see your conversions skyrocket as you’ve never seen before. Interactr provides you with an avenue to create such interactive videos your audience will love.

With Interactr, you can ask a couple of questions on your videos and provide some options on the screen. The viewer can then select an option to redirect them to a different part of the video or a completely different video.

You may think creating one is a complex process. On the contrary, you can select from the nine templates available from the platform. These templates range from the lazy man and basic pattern interrupt to A/B product tutorials and customer education.

What’s more interesting is that you can add elements into your templates to customize them further. Using drag&drop capability, you can edit texts, employ options, use opt-in forms, and create hotspots. Indeed, the only limit of Interactr is your creativity.

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Interactr Features

Interactr has some cool features that make it stand out from other video creation platforms. First, it’s one of the first interactive video editing software in the market. Second, it has easy-to-use tools that you can optimize for your following projects, and here are some of them.


With Interactr, you can create videos with different types of branching. Branching in Interactr means the pathways your audience will follow once they select an option. As mentioned, there are nine templates that you can use depending on your goal.

With this branching feature, you can create videos with different approaches and styles. Think of it like giving your audience their freedom to choose, and that’s the best thing you can provide, especially in sales.


Aside from creating videos with different pathways, you can also personalize custom audiences based on their choices and interactions with your videos. You can also add viewers to customized groups inside of Facebook based on their choices as well.

With this, you can segregate which customers based on their choices. You can see which ones are interested in building sales funnels, which ones are into email marketing, and which want to get involved in lead generation. Of course, you can customize these choices depending on your content.

Interactr Review Automation


On top of the features already mentioned, you can also see some insightful details about your videos using the analytics tool of Interactr. You can get data about video drop-offs, interactions, revenues, conversions, and many more.

With this feature, you can plan which projects need more focus and which ones are doing well. Getting some analytics will help you put where your investment is most needed.

Interactr Review Analytics

Interactr Pricing

Interactr Evolution has only one pricing, which is a one-time payment of $67.00. When you purchase a plan with Interactr, you can create unlimited video projects with commercial licenses included. These licenses are essential because it helps you monetize your videos if other people use your interactive video.

Aside from an unlimited number of videos, you’ll have access to a superstar support center who can assist you if you have any concerns or queries. What’s also great is that this plan has a 30-day money-back guarantee which ensures that you can get your money back if you’re unsatisfied with Interactr.

Interactr Final Verdict

One of the most significant weaknesses of Interactr is that you can’t post these videos on any social media platform, including YouTube. You can only use these interactive videos on embeddable platforms such as web pages. Nevertheless, Interactr provides you with a way to spice things up with your website. Besides, its pricing is relatively lower compared to its competitors, so getting Interactr is a must.

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Interactr Evolution Review

Rated 4 out of 5

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