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Do you want to create premium video content for your website? If yes, then KillerPlayer will work for you. KillerPlayer is a software that allows you to create custom-made videos to embed on your website. By using KillerPlayer, you can ensure that the videos on your webpage are sleek and premium-looking.

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

What is KillerPlayer?

As mentioned, KillerPlayer is a software that allows the user to customize YouTube videos to embed on a website. A lot of websites nowadays put the link on their website and just leave it there. However, these videos have the YouTube logo, title, ads, and other things that might throw your audience off when viewing them.

Fortunately, KillerPlayer allows you to customize these videos to make them look classy and undistracted. KillerPlayer can remove the YouTube logo, title, ads, recommended videos, and everything that makes YouTube cluttered and distracting. Thus, by using KillerPlayer, you create premium-looking videos that’ll enhance your brand.

Using KillerPlayer is very simple, and it doesn’t require much technical knowledge. The process starts with customizing your YouTube video inside the KillerPlayer platform. You can edit the color of the frame, the text, the format of the video itself, and a lot of other things. After doing that, you just need to copy the code URL and paste it on your website. Simple and easy.

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KillerPlayer Features

KillerPlayer has a lot of cool features that you can take advantage of. These features allow you to customize the appearance of the videos you’ll embed on your website. These features will serve best those content creators or course creators who rely on videos to deliver their message.

Customizable Video Editor

The best thing about KillerPlayer is its customizable video editing capability. It’s important to note that KillerPlayer doesn’t edit the format of the video itself. Rather, it customizes the way you present your video on your website.

You can edit the frame of the video, the tools present in it, as well as the color and text of the video. You can also remove ads and recommended videos to make them look more presentable. In addition, the customizable video editor can help you make your video look like it was edited from Vimeo or other high-end video editing software.

Mobile Responsive

As a content creator, you need to be versatile in presenting your content. Most, if not all, of your audience, will look at your website using their mobile phones. Why? That’s because mobile phones are handy, and your audience brings them anywhere.

As such, KillerPlayer allows you to customize videos suited for mobile devices. As you know, some videos crash when they’re played on a device different from what it was imported to. Thus, with KillerPlayer, you can play videos across all browsers and multiple devices.

KillerPlayer Mobile Responsive

No Branding

This may be a minor thing to some, but to others, branding logos and watermark designs disrupt the overall quality of the video. It can also distract anyone who’s viewing it. That’s why KillerPlayer never puts their brand on your videos. It lessens the clutter and removes the distraction when someone’s playing your video.
KillerPlayer No Branding

KillerPlayer Pricing

KillerPlayer has three pricing plans – Starter, Pro, and Ultimate. The Starter costs a one-time payment of $59.00. With this plan, you can get 1 website and you can edit and customize up to 500 videos. This plan also caters up to 5,000 visitors per month, and a limit of 5 beautiful themes for your website.

The Pro Plan costs $159.00 and it can give you up to 5 websites where you can edit at most 1000 videos. It also allows 10,000 visitors per month and includes all other features available in the Starter plan. The last plan, Ultimate Plan, costs $399.00. It provides an unlimited number of websites, videos, and visitors.

Currently, KillerPlayer offers a lifetime plan worth $99.00 as a one-time payment. Like the Ultimate plan, it has unlimited everything: websites, videos, and visitors. It also provides 5 beautiful themes, and other features available in the Starter and Pro plans.

KillerPlayer Pricing

KillerPlayer Final Verdict

Overall, KillerPlayer is a great software for content and course creators who rely on videos to deliver their products and services. It modifies the way you present your videos on your web, creating premium-looking and classy videos that your audience will enjoy.

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KillerPlayer Review

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

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