Link Whisper Review – Automatic Internal Links for WordPress

Do you want to boost your SEO ranking power? If so, then Link Whisper might be the best software for you. Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin that allows you to link different articles and posts together. In this Link Whisper review, you’ll see what it does and if it’s the right one for you.

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

What is Link Whisper?

First, it’s necessary to discuss why internal linking is vital for your business to understand why Link Whisper can help your business. Adding internal links gives you more SEO juice that helps your website rank better.

Internal linking helps Google understand what your website contains to index it and place it on the search engine results page (SERP). In addition, internal linking helps Google search bots find which articles are the most important and what they contain.

Usually, the process of internal linking requires rigorous hours of sweat and tears. However, Link Whisper makes the process easier and more enjoyable. The process won’t even take more than ten minutes of your time. It’s super fast and easy.

What Link Whisper does is scan your article and provide suggestions on your anchor text. Then, you’ll need to run the software, and Link Whisper will provide some suggestions on what articles you need to include as an inbound link.

Another great thing about Link Whisper is that it also scans old articles that you can use for internal linking. Link Whisper will allow you to see which articles contain lesser or no internal links at all. From there, you can add new internal links and watch your articles rank up on the Google search engine results page.

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Link Whisper Features

Link Whisper has some of the coolest features you’ll ever see in link builder software. From choosing the right keywords to automating internal link buildings, Link Whisper has a lot that can offer you.

Target Keywords

You can tell Link Whisper what types of words you’re trying to rank for. For instance, you can select a particular article and choose a particular keyword for that article. In the future, if you have a post that tackles the same keyword, Link Whisper will suggest the original article that contains the original keyword.

Targeting keywords is very important because it saves you the hassle of manually looking for the right article to link to what you’re currently creating. Also, this feature allows you to see what keywords are essential in ranking with Google and focus on creating posts around that keyword.

Link Whisper Review Target Keywords


There’s also a feature where you can see where your posts are linked to. These reports include the following: 

  • Links Report contains where your posts are linked to. It has the inbound internal links, outbound internal links, and outbound external links. 
  • Domains Report contains all your posts and the links they contain. 
  • Clicks Report shows how many types of people are clicking on your links. 
  • Error Report alerts you if you have some broken or non-working links. 

These reports provide you with a comprehensive insight into the internal linking structure that you have. Here, you’ll see if you’re doing things right with backlinking. In case that your website isn’t optimized enough, you never have to worry because Link Whisper has all the tools to help you.

Link Whisper Review Reports


There’s also an auto-linker feature to automate the internal links if a specific keyword is mentioned. With this feature, you’ll need to select a keyword and the URL to which the links will go. In the future, if you use the keyword, Link Whisper will automatically link to the article you selected.

Automated internal linking gives you more time for other things and less hassle and inconvenience. Of course, you can still opt for manual backlinking if you want to check if other articles are more suited to the ones you’re currently creating. After all, it won’t take you much time and effort.

Link Whisper Pricing

Link Whisper has three pricing plans depending on the number of sites you have: Single-site license, 3-site license, and 10-site license. The Single-Site License is the most affordable at $77/year. With this plan, you have access to all features for one site. You can also get the Smart Internal Links and full internal links reporting.

By the name itself, the 3-site and 10-site licenses give you all the features for three and ten sites, respectively. The 3-site license costs $117.00/year, while the 10-site license costs $167.00/year.

Link Whisper Review Pricing

Link Whisper Final Verdict

Overall, Link Whisper is an important platform that you can add to your SEO toolkit. It makes your life a lot easier by automating backlinks and creating internal links through targeted keywords. With Link Whisper, you won’t ever have to break your fingers again, scraping the internet for reliable internal links. Link Whisper will do those for you.

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Link Whisper Review

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

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