Mailerlite Review – The Best Mailchimp Alternative

Are you looking for an email marketing software that’s easy to use and very affordable? Look no more because Mailerlite is here. Mailerlite is an email marketing software that allows you to create email campaigns in no time. In this Mailerlite review, you’ll see how it works and if it’s the right software for you.

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

What is Mailerlite?

Mailerlite is more than just an email marketing software. It has a multitude of features that you can’t find elsewhere. One of the prime examples include the auto-resend feature that allows you to resend follow-up emails to subscribers that failed to open your first campaign.

Mailerlite also offers landing page creation, website builder, dedicated IP address, A/B split testing and many other cool features that other software don’t offer. Affordable and very straightforward, Mailerlite serves as the best MailChimp alternative if you’re on a budget or if you’re just testing the waters with email marketing.

Of course, the main purpose of Mailerlite is to create dynamic email campaigns that serve the purpose of your business. You have the option to select one from the available templates or you can manually create campaigns using rich-text or custom HTML.

In addition, there are also templates for growing your subscribers with forms and landing pages. You can then automate sending emails based on certain actions taken by your visitors.

Indeed, Mailerlite offers a lot of features at an affordable price. Mailerlite offers a free plan for those who have less than 1000 subscribers and you can take advantage of that to see if Mailerlite is the right tool for you. To know more about what Mailerlite can do, here are some of the features it offers

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Mailerlite Features

Mailerlite offers A LOT of features and it would take a while to cover them all. In this article, only the best features will be taken into consideration, and here are some of them.

Email Automations

Mailerlite is an email marketing platform so the most important feature of this software is the capability to create effective email campaigns. There are four different types of campaigns that you can create within Mailerlite.

The regular campaign allows you to create emails that provide announcements, information, or promotions about your business. The A/B Split Testing lets you compare different campaigns. The auto-resend gives you the power to resend a follow-up email when no one opens your campaigns. Lastly, the RSS campaign allows you to gather data from your website and send out campaigns based on that data.

The process of creating email campaigns is relatively easy as well. You can select from the templates available and drag and drop elements to improve your campaigns. After editing, you can either save it for future use or publish it right away.

What’s great about Mailerlite is that it allows you to customise how certain segments of your audience see your campaigns. For instance, one segment can see a particular section while another segment can see a unique block. This feature gives you the power to personalise your campaigns, thus, improving your conversions.

Landing Pages

Like any other email marketing software, Mailerlite also offers you the capability to create landing pages for your visitors. With this feature, you can increase your conversions by having your customers click and interact with your landing pages.

To create a landing page, all you need to do is to select a template from the available ones, or create from scratch. Either way, the process is relatively easy and very straightforward. 

One important thing to take note of is the quality of the landing page templates. The templates are very website-y which means that they look more like web pages than landing pages. Nevertheless, the process of dragging and dropping elements and sections is the same, and you can either save it for future use or publish it right away.

Website Builder

One unique thing about Mailerlite is its capability to build a website for you. Although not as striking and visually appealing as the other website builders, you can take all your business to Mailerlite and operate under one, single software. 

There are 14 available templates and you can customise any of them by dragging and dropping elements and sections. You can even personalise the Error404 pages to make it look slightly less annoying.

Workflow Automations

Workflow automations allow you to simplify the process of growing your leads and increasing your conversions/ It is an approach to make the flow of your business more independent and more effective.

To create workflow automation, you need to set up a workflow trigger first. Then, select the actions for the workflow. It’s important to select the one that serves the purpose of your campaign. Once done, you can then create the email content using the available templates mentioned before. You can either save it or publish it right away.

Mailerlite Workflow Automation

Mailerlite Pricing

Mailerlite has two pricing plans: Free and Premium. You can take advantage of the Free plan if you have less than 1000 subscribers. You’re limited to sending 12,000 emails per month which means that you can only create at most 12 campaigns in a month. The Free plan also comes with the drag and drop editor, landing page builder, email automation, and many other cool features.

On the other hand, if you have a growing number of email subscribers, you can take the Premium plan at $10.00/month. The price increases when your number of subscribers also increases. The Premium plan has all the features of the Free plan but you also have the capability to remove Mailerlite branding on your emails. You can also use custom domains for your landing pages, auto-resend feature, dedicated IP address, click maps, and many, many more.

Mailerlite Pricing

Mailerlite Final Verdict

Overall, Mailerlite is a great email marketing software especially if you’re only starting out. It has a lot of features even under the Free plan, and it’s very affordable and easy to use. The only downside is that you need to create the sections manually, which might take some of your time. Nevertheless, Mailerlite is a must-have if you want to invest in email marketing. 

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Mailerlite Review

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

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