Money Robot Review – Automated Link Building

Do you want to dominate the internet by automation? Then you may want to try Money Robot. Money Robot is an automated link-building software that lets you confirm emails and submit your content to a lot of websites. In this Money Robot review, you’ll learn all its capabilities, features, and if it’s worth the try.

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

What is Money Robot?

As mentioned, Money Robot is an automated link-building software that allows you to outsource data from a lot of websites. Once you put in a link, either a website or a video URL, Money Robot will scrape the internet for a bunch of information.

Money Robot then puts the data into a big spin tax to create new web 2.0 platforms and post these articles with your links all over the internet. Basically, you’re creating a massive link of shared articles from different articles. These shared articles will then serve as the link juice to all of your websites.

When you avail of a premium plan from Money Robot, the first thing you’ll need to do is install it on your computer. The software then creates several accounts for multiple platforms such as Facebook or Blogger, and money Robot will share all of them to form a massive network of accounts.

Then when you’re ready to do link-building, key in the URL to the money site. You can paste more than one URL, depending on your strategy. It would help if you also put the keywords that you think will rank your website. The software will then autogenerate a title and content that it will spread for your campaign.

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Money Robot Features

As an automated link-building software, Money Robot has a lot of features: from SEO Link Building to Article Rewriting and Spinning. Here are the best features that you can take advantage of in Money Robot.

SEO Link Building

The SEO Link Building capability allows you to save time in confirming emails, creating multiple accounts, and submitting your content to several websites. With this feature, you can automate everything. You can create unlimited links and increase traffic to your website, all under one software.

What’s good about this is that it allows more customers to see your products or services. It increases your leads, and thus, your sales. There is a lot of other link-building software, but nothing can compete with the ease and usability of Money Robot. With just a simple software knowledge, you’ll be able to grow your business in no time.

Smart Submission

Once you avail of Money Robot, your account is automatically created. You will only need to select the right campaign for your business and then run the software. Money Robot’s Smart Submission will create content that it will submit to multiple websites, increasing traffic and driving engagements.

A lot of other link-building software requires human intervention and technical skills to operate. However, in Money Robot, all are automated. You just have to key in the right keywords for your campaign, and then you can sit back and relax with your cup of coffee. The smart submission process makes Money Robot the right software for anyone looking to break the internet with their products or services.

Money Robot Smart Submission

Article Spinning and Rewriting

Writing content and articles is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires time and effort to supply the right keywords and ensure that no duplicate penalties are acquired. Thus, the article rewriter and spinner of Money Robot is one of the great things about this platform.

Basically, this feature rewrites and respins your articles into hundreds of different versions, depending on the website Money Robot will submit it to. For instance, Facebook requires catchy intros, while Instagram will need short but concise captions. With the spinner/rewriter feature, you can automate the submission of articles to different websites.

Money Robot Spintax

Money Robot Pricing

Money Robot has two pricing plans. The first one is a monthly subscription at $67.00/month. This plan includes all features available in Monet Robot, such as the link-building and article rewriting/spinning capabilities.

On the other hand, there’s also a one-time payment for lifetime access to Money Robot, which costs $497.00. This plan also includes all features mentioned, and you can also get a lifetime software license.

You can also pay using Bitcoins. The license costs 0.00801087 BTC, approximately $497.00.

Money Robot Final Verdict

Overall, Money Robot is an excellent tool for anyone looking to expand their business all over the internet. Manually, the process requires rigorous efforts and knowledge about SEO. But with Money Robot, all are automated. You can spread content with just one click and then process on doing other things that matter.

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Money Robot Review

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

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