Movement Mastery Review – Is It Still Alive?

If you have heard of the Movement Mastery course and you’re wondering if it’s worth it, you’re in the right place.  I have recently gone through the entire course, followed what they said and got some results! This article is going to share my experience about the course so far and let you know, what you can expect.

Important Note: Since publishing this article and creating this video, the company has shut down and stopped communication with their students. Unfortunately, it seems they have taken their students money (including mine) and ran.

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Movement Mastery Review

If you’re reading this article, you’ve no doubt heard about Movement Mastery and you’re wondering if it’s right for you. And that’s a great question! 

When I first came across Movement Mastery, it was after I had been shown an ad from Lachie Prior on Youtube. He mentioned that he wasn’t going to make me a millionaire, but he would show me how I could make an extra $5000 per month quickly.

My first impression was that this kid looks far too young to know how to do this, but out of curiosity I joined his webinar and watched what he had to say. After a few hours of watching the webinar, and a bit of internet research, it turns out this early 20 something year old, was actually on to something! What he mentioned sounded easy, it definitely filled a whole in the market, and he actually had built the results himself with his company Digital Knockout along with Lucas Durante. The real thing that sold me though, was the bonuses they offered at the end. 

There were perhaps 12 bonuses in total at the end, and while I wasn’t planning on buying the course initially, after seeing the bonuses offered, I couldn’t refuse.

Why I purchased Movement Mastery

The main reasons I purchased the Movement Mastery course and I believe it’s one of the best courses available in 2020, is because

– You have simple training, that can achieve results in a matter of days (after watching the course)
– For support, you have a Facebook Group, a “Student Success Mentor” and Lucas and Lachie will help you out when you need it. (I’ve had at least 6 video calls in my first month at no extra cost)
– You can invite 1x friend to join the course complimentary!
– Most importantly, there is a 90 day money back guarantee. 

That money back guarantee is nothing I’ve heard before for an online course. They’re SO confident that their students will love their course, they made it 90 days and are expecting little to no refunds at all. Basically there’s no risk at all getting this course, if you don’t like it, get your money back. It’s as simple as that.

The course costs $991 one time, or 3x payments of $591.

What is Movement Mastery?

Movement Mastery is a Social Media Marketing course and mentorship, teaching people how to quickly and easily make a Facebook Ads agency with no prior experience needed. The founders Lachie Prior and Lucas Durante have skyrocketed their own digital marketing agency Digital Knockout and since, decided to help teach others how to replicate their business.

If you join Movement Mastery, you will get the majority of tools, training and resources to build your own digital marketing agency from scratch. This includes everything from sales scripts, templates, contracts, social media posts and other resources to acquire your first clients without paying for advertising.

The main method used in this course is using Facebook advertising, specifically the Lead Ads tool for lead generation. While this is a really simple and effective method to use, a lot of people don’t even know it exists which gives the student a head start knowing how to create these.

Then to get great results for your clients, you don’t make up what you think will work for an ad. Instead you research other types of advertisements on popular platforms and see which ones are getting a lot of sales. Then you simply replicate it for your client and presto! Results for your clients.

Movement Mastery Review

What's Inside of the Course?

I won’t lie, the course is pretty in depth. Luckily, if you complete the first 6 modules (which can be done within a few days, or few weeks part time), then you will have enough information to get your first clients.

Let’s break down what you can actually expect in the course.

Course Introduction

The first module is an introduction module which digs really deep into mindset. While some people have a lot of business mindset training, a lot don’t and as this will be their first experience in business, it is a much needed module.
Movement Mastery Review

Module 1: Foundations & Fundamentals

Now you’ve got loads of data, you’re probably wondering what you can actually do with it. The good news for you, is there’s loads of options! The possibilities are really endless, but if you wanted some common ways to use this information, you could use it for: 

Module 2: How to Get Clients Results​

While it may seem strange to talk about getting your clients results, before you have any clients. There is method behind the madness. Once you finish module 4 which is actually getting the clients, things happen really fast and you need to know what you’re doing. If you got the clients before you finished the training, it could end up in overwhelm and failure.

Luckily, in module 2 you’ll learn all about Facebook ads. Things like how they work, questions clients will most likely ask you and you’ll even learn how you can outsource your Facebook ad efforts. 

Module 3: Setting Yourself Up​

Like the title suggests, in this module you’ll be setting up your business to look professional and have custom automations to help streamline your activities. Some of the activities you will set up include a Calendar booking link which integrates with Zoom which I found SO useful. This means, if someone books on your Calendly account, it’ll automatically generate a zoom meeting room, password and even send an invite to the participants. Such a priceless integration.

You’ll also learn about creating a professional logo, business email, LinkedIn profile, and using a certain style and terminology to look like a legitimate business.

Movement Mastery Review

Module 4: Getting Clients

This is where the fun really starts. If you follow all the training in this module, you should get a flood of potential candidates interested in running managed Facebook ads for their businesses. To start off, it’s recommended you start with a trial and then from there if the trial goes well, you can charge for your services.

This does a few things. Offers a chance to get some quick and easy reviews for your business, as well as getting a few new clients to sign up. The good thing too, if the ads don’t go so well, you haven’t charged for your services, only they pay for their ad spend.

You’ll also learn in this module how to acquire customers on other platforms like Instagram, Direct mail, LinkedIn and even Networking Events.

Module 5: The Nitty Gritty & Going Live​

Once you go through Module 4 and start reaching out to clients, I highly recommend you power through Module 5. In here, you’ll learn all about making contracts, creating a project management system, creating client questionnaires, making invoices, etc. All of the things a real business needs to have in place! 

It’s quite an interesting module to get your head around, luckily they offer templates and set up training for all of these aspects. There’s even some advice for taxes and accounting too.

Module 6: Running Your Clients Campaigns​

Finally, once you lock in a few trial clients and complete all the initial paperwork, it’s time to start setting up some ads. This is where you’ll learn about getting access to clients accounts, safe practices while in there, the types of offers that do really well and ways to write effective copy. 

Once you have set up your ads campaign and you’re ready to go, you can also learn about lookalike audiences and re-marketing ads! Those are gold mines for clients in some specific industries.

Movement Mastery Review

Module 7: So You Got a Case Study?​

There’s a good chance if you go through this course, you won’t need to watch this training for at least the first few weeks, if not months. Basically, this training is for people who have run trial campaigns, got some really good results and are looking to grow their business exponentially.

The method behind this module is using some of your best trial clients results, creating a video case study, then pitching it to other similar companies either in different areas, cities or countries. This has been one of their biggest reasons for scaling Digital Knockout so big, so quickly.

Module 8: Advanced Systems​

If Module 7 isn’t big enough for you either, there’s this module which talks about setting up advertising campaigns to acquire new clients. It’s not a simple campaign for this step, instead you’ll be creating lead generation funnels and email automation to help get more clients!

Assorted Bonus Training

Then finally if 8 jam packed modules with all the incredible training isn’t enough, you also have recommended books, case studies, extra downloads, live videos and website creation training.
Movement Mastery Review

Movement Mastery Review: Final Verdict​​

Like I mentioned in my video, this is one of my favourite courses I’ve seen during my 6 years of working online. The guys Lucas and Lachie are generally nice guys who are looking to make an impact. The support is excellent and the training is top notch, I’m very pleased with my experience in the course.

Is Movement Mastery worth it?

Yes. Unlike other online courses, the support is next level. Pair that with the online course as well as the ambition to succeed, and you’ve got a blueprint for success.

Update: The course is now closed and the creators and taken the money and ran. 

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Movement Mastery

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