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Are you looking for a tool that’ll help you optimize your content for SEO? If so, then Postpace might be the best tool for you. Postpace is a content writing research tool that allows you to automate topic research and optimize content faster and better. In this Postpace review, you’ll see how powerful this tool is and if it’s the right one for you.

Rated 4.0 out of 5.0

What is Postpace?

As a content writer, it’s tough and exhausting to manually search for keywords to rank for and then create the content based on those keywords. With Postpace, all those grueling hours are a thing of the past.

Postpace is a content writing research tool that lets you decide on a keyword to write an article. Then, it will give you a result of what the top-ranking competitors have written and how their articles have been structured

From the word count to the types of headings they’re using, you’ll get a glimpse of what to include on your next content project. Postpace will tell you what you need to do that pleases the audience looking for that particular keyword. 

All you need to do is generate a topic report that contains the keyword you’re trying to rank for. Then, create a content brief and then optimize the article on your content projects tab. Indeed, Postpace can compete with Market Muse and SurferSEO.

Postpace Review Hero

Postpace Features

Postpace has a lot of features that revolve around content writing and optimization. From generating reports to drafting the content, Postpace will rank you on any search engine results page. Here are some of the best features of Postpace.

Topic Reports

The most interesting part about Postpace is the topic report that generates an analysis of the first 50 results on the Google search engine results page. You’ll need to provide a keyword, and Postpace will gather the information, including word count, readability, keyword frequency, images, headlines, etc.

This feature allows you to see in general how your competitors wrote and structured their articles. Postpace provides a broken-down analysis of what made them rank and suggests some of the things you’ll need to write your article.

In addition, you can download the report or paste it into a document as a guide. You can also send it to your clients to give them an overview of what they need to write. Overall, this feature will work well for people like SEO experts and freelance writers.

Postpace Review Topic Report

Content Briefs

The keywords, headings, word counts, and the other things that you’ve gathered from the topic report can be synthesized into an organized content brief. Content briefs provide you with an overview of the article’s structure and how you’ll write it. It has the title, the H1 and H2 tags, as well as the necessary keywords. 

Starting from a content brief is an underrated process in writing an article or a blog post. Content briefs will save you the time and effort to think about the cohesiveness of your blog. Besides, it has all the topics you’ll need to discuss. Follow through it and write the article.

Postpace Review Content Brief

Content Audit

After generating the content brief, you’re now ready to write and optimize your content. You can do so using the content audit feature of Postpace. The interface here is like SurferSEO’s interface, where you’ll write the content on the left while the requirements are shown on the right.

You’ll see here if you’re meeting the right word count, number of images, headings, paragraphs, and the frequency of the keywords. It’s like a checklist of everything you need to include to rank higher in Google search engine results page.

Postpace Review Content Audit

Postpace Pricing

Postpace has three pricing plans: Basic, Growth, and Business. The Basic plan costs $17.00/month, and it comes with twenty of the following per month: topic reports, content briefs, and content projects. It also comes with an unlimited number of user seats.

The Growth plan works well for growing blogs and affiliate marketers with a small team. It costs $27.00/month, and it has thirty of the following per month: topic reports, content outlines, and content projects. It also has an unlimited number of user seats. 

Lastly, the Business plan costs $57.00/month, and it has 100 of the following: topic reports, content outlines, and content projects. It also has an unlimited number of user seats. 

Lifetime Deal

Postpace is still in Launch Phase, which is great news for it’s users. If you get started with Postpace, you’ll also get the option of upgrading to the Lifetime Deal which starts at $69 for 15 topics, content briefs and projects per month. It then has other plans that scale all the way up to 500 topics, content briefs and projects per month, so there’s something for everyone! 

Postpace Final Verdict

Overall, Postpace is a powerful app that performs as well as giants like SurferSEO and Ahref’s. In addition, it has a low pricing range which makes it a great alternative if your business revolves around SEO and content writing. 

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Postpace Review

Rated 4.0 out of 5.0

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