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Do you want to be creative in closing a sale? If yes, then Quickpage might be the tool that you’re looking for. Quickpage is a video sales tool that allows you to close a sale using a video. With this tool, the chances of getting a sale from a lead will increase significantly. In this Quickpage review, you’ll see how this platform works and if it’s a tool that’ll work for you. 

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0

What is Quickpage?

Quickpage is a video sales tool that allows you to follow up a sale from a potential lead. Landing pages and calls-to-action are effective but with a video follow-up? That will close the deal. This software will set you apart from your competition because it allows room for creativity and personalization in terms of getting a sale. 

In addition, you can send this message to anyone, or embed this video once your lead clicks on it. By providing them with a follow-up, you can provide more information, and thus, you increase the chances of getting a sale.

What’s also great about this platform is that it has a solid base of customers who testify that the app works. They have a Facebook group that you can join and browse to see how people are doing with Quickpage. They might be targeting real-estate and automotive industries, but Quickpage works wonders on all types of industries.

Quickpage Review Hero

Quickpage Features

Quickpage is unique in the way that it provides a personalized solution to introduce yourself and your products and services. Here are some of the best features that you can take advantage of in using Quickpage.

Easy Video Creation Tool

As a video sales tool, the main feature of Quickpage is the easy video creation tool that it provides. You can either record yourself on the platform or upload a video that you’ll edit. It’s important to note that the app itself does not edit the transitions and technicalities of the video. Rather, it enhances the sound, changes the filter, layout, adds subtitles, and many other things.

In addition, you can upload the video in multiple formats such as .mp3, .mkv, or a YouTube URL. You can also edit how the thumbnail will appear as well as the way the video is presented as well. 

Quickpage Review Video Editor

Add URLs and Video Requests

Aside from creating videos, you can also share your videos with other people through the messaging feature of this app. You can add URLs or respond to video requests. It also doesn’t matter if you’re doing it on desktop or mobile phones.

What’s good about this sharing capability is that you can widen the reach of your videos. The wider the reach, the larger is the audience. Thus, the larger the audience, the higher chances of getting a sale. Did you know that SMS open rates are as high as 98%? So, take advantage of it when you use Quickpage.

Quickpage Review Message Request


Quickpage also prides itself on the mobile-friendly capability that it has. Anywhere you go, you can create and edit videos that you can send to your leads. Most especially now where people spend most of their time browsing through their mobile phones. Quickpage allows you to utilize that.

Quickpage Review Mobile

Quickpage Pricing

Quickpage has three pricing plans, namely the Basic, the Pro, and the Pro+Team plans. Before you avail of these premium plans, you can check the 7-day free trial that they offer. With this free trial, you can check if Quickpage is the right app for your concerns.

If you decide to upgrade to the premium plan, the Basic plan costs $21.00/month. This plan works well with people who have a startup business or for those individuals who want to upgrade the reach of the video email and messaging. This plan comes with unlimited pages, unlimited storage and videos, as well as sharing capabilities.

The Pro plan costs $44.00/month and it has the same capabilities as the Basic Plan. In addition to that, the Pro plan also includes password-protected pages, opt-ins, and embeddable chat bubbles for websites. This plan works well for business people who want to break barriers and do more.

The Pro+Team plan depends on what you need for your website. It’ll ask for several details like the type of industry to determine the pricing. You can reach out to Quickpage to get a quote on the price. This plan has all the features of the Pro plan, but it also provides space for team members and their KPIs, as well as their team collaboration.

Quickpage Review Pricing

Quickpage Final Verdict

Overall, Quickpage is a great app that allows you to think outside the box to close a sale. Nothing is more impressive than a business owner willing to extend their hands for their customers. Quickpage bridges the gap between the business and the customer, which makes it a unique app that you should take advantage of.

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Quickpage Review

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0

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