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If you’re looking for a tool that does SEO and content writing in one, look no further because Scalenut will do that job for you. Scalenut is a research and AI copywriting tool that allows you to create content based on an SEO-based research capability. In this Scalenut review, you’ll see how this tool works, its features, pricing, and if it’s the right platform for you.

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

What is Scalenut?

Doing SEO is only half the challenge. Creating content that ranks at the top of search engine results pages is another story that needs the same amount of focus. Luckily, Scalenut allows you to do both jobs under the same platform. And not just that, you can create different types of content in less than 10 minutes.

Once you sign up for an account with Scalenut, you’ll get an option to write long-form articles or short-form copies. Regardless of what your goal is, the process starts by entering a topic or a keyword on the search bar. 

Once you click on search, Scalenut will break down all the top-ranking articles and create a report for you. The report contains important information about the requirements to rank on the first page, competitor research, NLP terms, and even outline suggestions. 

You can look at these data and create your content based on the report. Scalenut’s AI allows a lot of flexibility in terms of writing, which is quite uncommon for copywriting tools in the market today.

It’s also interesting to note that Scalenut is planning to release a Chrome extension version of the tool. With this feature, you can use Scalenut anywhere you are on the internet.

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Scalenut Features

Scalenut doesn’t just write blog posts and long-form articles for you. Like other copywriting software in the market, it has a plethora of features that you can take advantage of once you sign up for an account.

AI Copywriter

As mentioned, you can rely on Scalenut to write short-form copies for your business. Whether you’re looking for product descriptions, blog title ideas, or Quora questions and answers, you can find a copywriting tool for your business needs. 

It has five categories that include e-commerce, Q&A, copywriting, marketing, and email. Once you find a certain feature that fits your need, all you need to do is to supply the necessary information and Scalenut will provide a copy for you.

Scalenut Review AI Copywriter

SEO Report

Scalenut’s most important tool is the SEO report. If you ever use SurferSEO for content planning, Scalenut’s SEO report works the same. The only difference is that Scalenut is more beginner-friendly and easier to use. 

To generate a report, you need to enter the topic or keyword that you want to rank for. Then, once you generate a report, you’ll see relevant data about the keyword or topic you entered. You’ll also see helpful statistics about your keyword such as top page data, NLP terms, competitor research, themes, SERP features, and many more. 

At the right side of the report, you’ll see the panel for your content brief. Here, you can put bits and pieces of information gathered by Scalenut to create your content. You can supply the number of headings, common queries, citations, themes, and other important notes for your article. 

What’s also amazing with this feature is that you can see how the top 10 pages outline their blog posts. These outlines will give you an idea of how to structure your content based on what’s needed to rank on the results page. You can pick what you need and insert it on the content brief.  


Once you’re done generating a report, the canvas allows you to draft the content for your social media pages or website. Another cool feature of Scalenut is the capability to configure your NLP terms by priority. This means that you can reorder the generated keywords based on what you want to be the primary keyword. The canvas will also give you an idea of how many times you should use a particular keyword to optimize your content. 

Within Canvas, you can start the content by providing a seed idea into the blank page. When you click on write, the AI will generate content based on your seed input. It will take as much information as possible from the NLP terms you configured and generate content from it. 

There are several micro-features present in the Canvas: 

  • AI Connectors: This function allows you to follow a sentence with connectors to direct the flow of your content. These connectors include In addition, nevertheless, in contrast, furthermore, however, and many more. 
  • AI Operators: This function allows you to direct the content based on specific instructions. For instance, you can tell the AI to outline the content, conclude the article, or summarise the blog post.
  • SERP Ideas: This allows you to search the internet for some ideas about search engine results page features. You can include FAQs, featured snippets, knowledge panels, and even image packs. 
  • Templates: Probably the coolest thing about Scalenut is the template section where you can select a pre-conditioned format for your content. You can look for title ideas, introductory paragraphs, product descriptions, headings, and many more. 

Lastly, you can insert your custom content brief into the dashboard and let the AI do the legwork. Once it’s done, you can go ahead and edit the content and publish it. 

Scalenut Review Templates

Manage Marketplace

One unique thing about Scalenut is the Manage Marketplace feature. If you don’t want to use the service itself, you can ask Scalenut people to write content for you. You can hire the tools and pay once your content is ready to go. 

This feature isn’t limited to blog posts only. There are also other options like ebook writing, logo design, email content writer, and so much more. You can take a look at the figure below to see how much you need to spend on each type of content. 

Scalenut Review Manage Marketplace

Scalenut Pricing

Scalenut has four pricing plans (Free, Individual, Growth, and Pro) which can be paid either monthly or yearly. The Free Forever plan gives you access to two SEO documents, 2,000 short-form and long-form AI words each, 40+ AI tools, and write-for-me features.

On the other hand, the Individual plan costs $29/mo. It allows you to have five SEO documents, unlimited short-form AI words, 2000 long-form AI words, 40+ AI tools, write-for-me, and 24/7 live email and chat support.

The Growth plan works best for startup and growing businesses at $79/mo. This plan provides 30 SEO documents, unlimited short-form AI words, 100,000 long-form AI words and other features of the Growth Plan. In addition, you also have access to AI setting, paraphrasing, SERP facts, collaboration, and SaaS credits features.

Lastly, the Pro plan costs $149/mo and can work with large teams, businesses, and agencies. It provides an unlimited number of SEO documents and short- & long-form AI words. It also has the same features as the Growth plan, but you can also add 2 users ($49.00/user) and a dedicated customer success manager. 

Scalenut Review Pricing

Scalenut Final Verdict

Writing content that meets SEO standards was never an easy task. Fortunately, tools like Scalenut alleviates that problem and give its users the freedom to create content that ranks in search engine results pages. Overall, Scalenut is a great copywriting tool that you can use as an alternative to more pricey software in the market. 

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Scalenut Review

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

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