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Do you need a software that allows your users to process information quickly? If yes, then Schema Pro will work well for you. Schema Pro is a plugin that allows you to add schema markups to your website even without codes. In this Schema Pro review, you’ll see what this tool does and if it’s the right one for you.

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0

What is Schema Pro?

In the social sciences, a schema is a cognitive framework that helps users process, organize, and interpret complex information. Examples of the schema include rubrics, ratings, categories, stereotypes, etc.

In digital marketing, schema, also called schema markup, is one of the most helpful tools to improve your overall SEO properties. Schema markups allow your users to understand and get more informative results from the search engine results page (SERP). It requires coding and HTML knowledge to execute.

Coding schema markups require an intense amount of time and knowledge, and not everyone has that commodity. This is where Schema Pro saves the day. By using Schema Pro, you can automatically add schema to your website so that Google can understand what your content is about. It doesn’t require coding, and the process is light and easy.

In addition, Schema Pro allows you to save time in adding rankings or ratings on your website. Schema Pro can map fields and add schema markups on your website in no time. Indeed, Schema Pro is one of the best SEO solutions you can employ to help your website grow. 

In fact, this website uses Schema Pro to add star ratings!

Schema Pro Review Hero

Schema Pro Features

Schema Pro has some cool features that you need to know before getting a premium plan. This article will discuss three of them, and here are the best features of SchemaPro.

Multiple Schema Types

Schema markups aren’t limited to star ratings and rankings. There are other types of schema markups as well, and Schema Pro has all of them. This application allows you to create almost every schema markups that you can think of. 

These schema markups include schemas on reviews, articles, services, courses, recipes, books, job postings, FAQs, events, and many more. Regardless of what business niche you’re in, Schema Pro has the right markup for you.

Schema Pro Review Schema Types

WordPress Integration

Aside from a plethora of Schema types, Schema Pro also allows WordPress integration. You can add markups directly from your WordPress dashboard. All you need to do is key in some information, and your schema markups will appear on your website, real-time.

Aside from WordPress, you can also integrate Schema Pro with other digital marketing software such as Elementor, Search Engine Journal (SEJ), Kinsta, SEMRush, and even Search Engine Watch. 

By integrating Schema Pro with these giant platforms, you can outperform other websites in search engine rankings and bring more visitors to your website.

Schema Pro Review WordPress Integration

Easy Setup

One of the main features of Schema Pro is the easy setup of the platform into your website. All you need to do is to install it first on your website. It takes seconds to load, and after that, you’ll need to select a schema type. This website uses star ratings.

Then, you can choose the page or the post where you want to implement the schema. You need to key in the necessary information such as page title, images, authors, etc. Check if there’s anything out of place, and then click on Publish. You can see the output of Schema Pro when you check the results page. There must be a star rating on the meta tag.

Schema Pro Review Setup

Schema Pro Pricing

Schema Pro has two pricing plans: Schema Pro and the Growth Bundle. You can opt for the Schema Pro at $79.00/year ($249.00 if lifetime) for a quick and easy way to add schema markups. This plan allows you to have unlimited website usage, display rules freedom, advanced schema types, article guidelines, and live schema testing, among others.

The Growth Bundle costs $249.00/year ($699 if lifetime), and it has all the features of the Schema Pro plan. In addition, you can access Astra Pro, all starter templates, WPPortfolio plugin, Convert Pro, and ultimate addons for both Beaver Builder and Elementor. You have SkillJet Academy and other future updates as well.

Schema Pro Final Verdict

Schema Pro helps your website in ways that you’ve never imagined before. It optimizes your website for SEO and helps Google understand what your website is all about. If you’re serious about your digital marketing career, Schema Pro is one of those tools that you need to prioritize.

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Schema Pro Review

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0

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