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If you are an Instagram user, you know how annoying it can be only have one link on your profile. Thankfully, in this Shorby Review, I’ll show you have you can have multiple links on Instagram and track who click on them!

Rated 3.5 out of 5.0
Shorby Review

Instagram can be an incredible platform for explosive growth, brand awareness and sales if you’re consistent with it. One thing that used to annoying me as a user though, is the effort you go through to create amazing content but not being able to add links to each photo.

Well, unfortunately there still isn’t a way to do that, however there is a way to turn your one profile link into as many links as you wish. All by using the power of Shorby! 

What is Shorby?

Shorby is a tech company that has created a software solution to Instagram’s horrid one-link on profile problem. They have kept in mind some key points to ensure users have the best experience. Things like ease of use, mobile optimisation, types of embeds available, colours as well as other features I’ll dig into in a minute.

While there are many competitors like and, Shorby is staying ahead of the game by constantly adding features like adding blocks, different messengers and pixels to each link.

Shorby Review

Shorby Features

Having options is great, and that’s why Shorby makes it easy to customise your look and feel. If you watched my Shorby review video when the product first launched, you’ll realise that video is miles outdated now. Shorby has jam packed loads more features into the platform now like:

– Customisable themes: You can now choose your background colour, image and button colours
– Customisable cards: You can now add links which will show the featured image or thumbnail of the destination link
– RSS Feed poster: One of the very surprising features is being able to add your RSS feed to your Shorby link. This means you can automatically share your latest blog posts to your Shorby profile!
– Pixel options: They have made it really easy to add pixels from all major players in social media and websites. This makes it really easy to do retargeting campaigns for people who click on specific links!
– Link Duplication: This allows you to quickly and easily duplicate links and modify them so if you have a batch of links to do using the similar details, this makes life easier.

Account Insights

If you are a Social Media marketer, you should know how important insights are. Shorby’s insights dashboard allows you to quickly and easily see how your links are performing. If you want to see how each individual link is doing, simply hover over each link and the graph at the bottom will show you that links insights. 
Shorby Insights

Shorby Review: Is Shorby worth it?

I hope you have taken away some key points to this Shorby Review, and by now you should know if Shorby is right for you. Instagram makes it very annoying to get more links on your Instagram profile, luckily Shorby can skip this problem.

However, for the price I believe there are better tools you can use. For only an extra $5 per month you will have the ability to get an entire link tracking software which includes link-in-bio type functionality. My recommendation for this is a software called Retargetkit. It’s relatively new and the features are massive for marketing. 

Of course, if you’d prefer just 1x software that focuses on one problem, Shorby is your go-to.

Is Shorby right for you?

If Instagram is your bread and butter, then 100% Shorby is going to help you improve your marketing efforts. However, there are a few features Shorby is lacking. When it comes to competitors like, they offer Instagram scheduling, first comments, hashtags and a bunch of other features as well as multiple links. That being said you do pay a premium for it.

In my opinion, if you use Instagram as a personal user and you aren’t a big brand, Shorby is perfect for you. But if you like to schedule posts to save time. I’d suggest trying out instead. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Shorby review, if you haven’t yet, go ahead and give Shorby a go for yourself below.

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Shorby Review

Rated 5 out of 5.0

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