Summit Social Academy Review – Growth for Businesses

If you have heard of SSA and you’re thinking of joining, a lot has changed for them in 2019/2020. In this Summit Social Academy review, I’ll share what you need to know and what it can do for you! 

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What is Summit Social Academy?

Social Summit Academy (formerly Summit Affiliate) originally started as an educational platform that offers different trainings based on what you’re interested in. Over the years it has evolved from being just a standard course provider, to recently becoming a coaching platform. 

Founder Justin Holland, has taken it on from teaching people via courses, to taking small coaching groups. Inside there he is taking the students existing ideas or businesses, and making them optimised and efficient for generating more revenue.

Summit Social Academy Review

Whos is Summit Social Academy for?

One of the questions you might be wondering, is if Summit Social Academy is for you. As the platform has evolved, the cliental has also. No longer are they planning on working with newbies who have no ideas of what they want to do. Instead they are only aligning with people who have a clear business in mind, just need help getting there.

To recap, you would probably suit Summit Social Academy’s programs if you:

– Have an existing business, just need help to scale
– Have a business idea, just need help with the online setup
– Are working as an agency helping market other companies and want help

If you don’t meet this criteria, I’d suggest if you are looking for business ideas to check out the resources page inside of Software Pilot. It’s a collection of income models that are currently working for me and I’ll update as more ideas start to fruition.

Summit Social Academy Review

What you will learn inside of SSA

When it comes to online business and marketing, it’s safe to say Summit Social Academy has their fair share of experience. In fact, during their launch of their first version of the company (courses), they were close to 1 million in their first year in revenue.

What you will learn in SSA

I won’t lie, the course is pretty in depth. Luckily, if you complete the first 6 modules (which can be done within a few days, or few weeks part time), then you will have enough information to get your first clients.

Let’s break down what you can actually expect in the course.

Topics include:

– Positioning yourself as an authority
– Creating your unique sales proposition
– Building an optimised sales funnel
– Creating automation with email marketing
– Advertising using Social Media
– How to engage with potential clients
Summit Social Academy Review

Summit Social Academy: Final Verdict

I believe if you are someone with an existing business and looking to get it off the ground or scale it higher, you definitely should have a chat with Justin Holland at Summit Social Academy. He is wise with business and before even starting SSA, was able to 4x his kids soccer business in only a few months using online marketing. 

However, if you don’t currently have any idea about what kind of business you want to build, this is not the right choice for you. 

Wanting to get started online?

If you don’t have any idea what you want to do, but you want to make money online, there are plenty of options. I’d recommend you check out this video training of current ways I’m making money online, that don’t require any experience at all. Just the drive to follow instructions and the eagerness to stick with it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Summit Social Academy review, I’d love to know in the comments below what you thought of it. I’ve also recently started a new Facebook Group in which I hope to grow a thriving community of online entrepreneurs who can bounce ideas off each other. If that sounds appealing, I’d love to have you inside of it! 

If you believe the information shared on this article is outdated or needs adjusting, please let me know and i’ll revisit the topic. Simply email me at [email protected] and I’ll look into it. I appreciate you stopping by!

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