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Are you looking for a survey platform that has a lot of capabilities? If so, then Survey Sparrow will work for you. Survey Sparrow is an online survey maker that offers much more capabilities than survey making. In this Survey Sparrow Review, you’ll see all the features and capabilities of this platform and determine if this is the right software for you.

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0

What is Survey Sparrow?

Despite its name, Survey Sparrow does more than just create surveys. They are an omnichannel experience management platform that allows you to create higher engagements and increase your sales.

Survey Sparrow focuses all their strengths on customer and employee satisfaction. They believe that when customers are satisfied, they become loyal and will most likely stay with your products and services. Not only will this build trust and credibility, but it’ll also increase turnovers and conversions from leads to sales.

Survey Sparrow was launched in 2017. Over the years, they garnered 50,000+ customers from across 149 countries in the world. Their success led trusted companies like Xerox, FedEx, and Warner Bros. to trust their products and services.

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Survey Sparrow Features

As mentioned, Survey Sparrow does more than just surveys. They have a lot of features, and it would be too much to include all of those in this review. Nevertheless, here are some of the best features that Survey Sparrow can offer.

Multiple Types of Surveys

Of course, the bread and butter of Survey Sparrow are the surveys. Within this platform, you have a lot of options when it comes to creating surveys. You can select the classic survey, or you can opt for a chat survey, NPS survey, Offline survey, or 360-degree survey.

Regardless of what you want your survey to look like, Survey Sparrow has a tool to help you. Aside from those mentioned above, this platform also offers white label surveys, embedded surveys, conversational forms, and even mobile-first surveys.

Survey Sparrow Types of Surveys

Accept Payments

Whether you believe it or not, Survey Sparrow also allows its users to accept payments through its platform. Right after your customers availed of your products and sent their payments, you can create an online feedback form that helps you determine if your customer is satisfied.

Secured and encrypted, your customers can relax thinking that their payment information is in good hands. In addition, you can also provide discounts and manage coupons through Survey Sparrow’s platform. You can even entertain other currencies that are outside your country of origin.

Survey Sparrow Payments

Smart Surveys

Busy with other things and can’t make time to craft the questions for your surveys? Don’t worry! Survey Sparrow installed Smart Surveys within their platform. Precise and relevant, the Smart Survey will ask the necessary questions tailor-fitted to the customer availing your services.

You can create this Smart Surveys based on the answers given by your respondents. For instance, they can be redirected to other parts of the survey, or at the end of the survey based on the logic of their answers. Simple and efficient, you just have to feed Survey Sparrow with some information, and it will do the rest.

Survey Sparrow Smart Surveys

Survey Sparrow Pricing

Survey Sparrow has different types of pricing plans depending on the type of business that you have. For personal, there are three pricing plans: Free, Basic, and Premium. You can start with the Free plan. This plan will give you some of the features such as 3 active survey projects, 10 questions per survey, and a host of other cool features.

If you decide to upgrade your plan, you can opt for the Basic plan at $19/month. With this plan, you can get all the integral features that you need to collect data from your customers. This plan can provide at most 300 responses/month and 900 email shares/month.

Lastly, the Premium Plan works best for professionals that utilize surveys and feedback for their business. This plan costs $29/month and can offer up to 2000 responses/month and 6000 email shares/month. This plan also includes all the features of the Basic plan with additional tools like expressions and case management.

Survey Sparrow Pricing

Survey Sparrow Final Verdict

Overall, Survey Sparrow is a great platform if you want to get software that’ll cater to your needs while offering more. This software drives engagements, reaches more customers, provides feedbacks, and even offers white labeling to enhance your branding.

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SurveySparrow Review

Rated 5 out of 5.0

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