Switchy Review – Link Tracking & URL Shortener

Are you looking for a link shortener where you can track your customer’s behavior? If so, then Switchy might be the best app for you. Switchy is a link shortening software that allows you to customize and track your links. In this Switchy review, you’ll see the capabilities of Switchy, its features, and how it might help your business overall.

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0

What is Switchy?

As mentioned, Switchy is a link shortening software that allows you to customize long URLs into simpler and bite-sized versions. It may come as a shock, but most online businesses nowadays never bothered to shorten their 85-character links, and the result is that nobody clicks upon it.

Switchy removes that problem for you. You can customize links and change the overall appearance of graphics to make them look simpler and less distracting. In addition, you can post these links anywhere you like without bothering so much on your click-through rate.

What’s even more interesting with Switchy is that it allows you to track your links and see how your customers behave once they reach your website. For instance, if you ran a YouTube channel and incorporated a Switchy link, you can see what people are interested in.

Knowing this information can help you retarget them with ads, blogs, newsletters, promotions, or discounts. Switchy will help you track the links you shortened and return real-time data that will help you determine your next course of action.

Whether you’re a blogger, a social media influencer, a digital marketing entrepreneur, or an online seller, Switchy can boost your engagements and conversions in no time.

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Switchy Features

The best features Switchy can offer business owners, online sellers, digital marketers, influencers, even bloggers.

Link Shortening

With the link shortener, you can customize the links you provide to your customers. Short URLs are pleasing to the eye because they prevent clutter on your site’s overall appearance or graphics. That’s not mentioning the fact that long URLs are sketchy to click on.

Link shortening is the bread and butter of Switchy. Other free and paid apps can do similar jobs. However, what makes Switchy a standout is the pixel retargeting and smart ads it offers.

Pixel Retargetting

Once you shortened a link, people interested in your content will click on the link you generated. It will then give you an idea about the interests and trends your customers are following. Thus, Siwtchy developed Pixel Retargeting, where you track the links you generated.

By using pixel retargeting, you can send emails, ads, promotions, discounts, or even newsletters to the customers who clicked on the link. Even if they did nothing on the website they got redirected into, it still gives you an idea that they’re interested in it. 

You can then schedule a campaign to convert your leads successfully.

Real-Time Analytics Report

Switchy will provide you with a real-time analytics report about the behavior of your customers. It’ll give you an idea of what links your customers are most interested in. On top of that, you can get access to data likes the number of clicks on the link, referrers, and audience sources.

You can even run A/B split testing and develop smart ads and campaigns to optimize the data given by Switchy. Indeed, this software can do a lot more than the amount of money you’re paying for it.

Switchy Pricing

Switchy has three pricing plans, namely Team, Pro, and Business plans. The Team plan is the most affordable at $47.00/month. This plan comes with up to 10,000 clicks, unlimited links and pixels, two custom domains, all analytics, and is limited to at most one user.

On the other hand, the Pro plan costs $83.00/month. This plan includes all the features of the Team plan. On top of that, you can have up to 50,000 clicks, five custom domains, all analytics, and a room for five users.

The last plan, the Business plan, costs $119.00/month and comes with 100,000 clicks, unlimited links, and pixels, 15 custom domain names, all analytics, and room for ten users.

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Switchy Final Verdict

Overall, Switchy is a unique platform that does so much at an affordable price range. Not only does it shorten links, but it also allows you to track those links and act upon the data gathered by Switchy. If you want an app that can help you increase your conversions, Switchy is the right one. 

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Switchy Review

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0

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