SyncSpider Review – Zapier Alternative for eCommerce

If you are looking for an affordable Zapier Alternative for eCommerce, then you’ll want to check out this SyncSpider Review. SyncSpider is a new company that’s main focus is connected the smaller software brands in the eCommerce scene.

Rated 3.5 out of 5.0

What is Syncspider?

As the name implies, Syncspider allows you to sync multiple platforms for your eCommerce business. For instance, if you’re trying to integrate Facebook to Amazon, you can do so with Syncspider. This software makes the connection of eCommerce platforms better and stronger.

What’s also good about Syncspider is that it integrates eCommerce platforms that every other software is ignoring. As you may know, there are a lot of apps and software that allow you to integrate different platforms. However, they tend to ignore those apps that aren’t as popular as the most used applications.

Syncspiders’ target market is online businesses that need to toggle a lot of tools to pull off their business. With Syncspider, all the tools and features you need will be available within one platform.

Syncspider Review

Syncspider Features

Syncspider has a lot of tools and features that you can take advantage of. Their main feature is the integration of different platforms for easier access. Aside from the integrations, Syncspider has other cool features, and here are some of them.


Integration is the cream of Syncspider’s clock. Why? That’s because Syncspider allows you to integrate almost all of the eCommerce platforms that you know. From Facebook and Instagram to Calendly and TicketTailor, Syncspider does it.

When you sign up for an account, the first thing that you’ll need to do is to determine your main platform. Then you’ll need to find the app or software that you’ll integrate with your main platform. For instance, if your main platform is Instagram and you want to integrate your shop with Shopify, then Syncspider will do its job.

Simple and easy, Syncspider makes your online business job a lot easier.

Syncspider Review

Windows Database Connector

Not only will Syncspider sync your online platforms and apps, but it’ll also allow you to integrate your data from a local server to all of your online apps. You can combine and integrate your legacy systems to your cloud, even without the plugins or API maintenance.

Syncspider’s Windows Database Connector supports a lot of databases such as Active Directory, Firebird, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySQL, and Oracle. From connecting local POS & ERP systems to syncing legacy systems to your online store or CRM, Syncspider will take the hassle out of integrating multiple platforms.

Syncspider Review


Outside Syncspider’s main features, they also have the Resources area where you can browse the latest updates about their software. Syncspider is a relatively new software which is why it’s great that they have this option.

You can browse through their blogs, knowledge, and podcasts. Syncspider even included release notes which provide updates about their software. Think of this as a patch note where they inform you what they changed from the previous version.

Syncspider Review

Syncspider Pricing

Syncspider has two pricing plans – Starter and Pro. Before subscribing to a plan, you’ll be given a 14-day free trial period. Within this period, you’ll be given an ample amount of time to see if Syncspider is the right app for you. Of course, some features won’t be available unless you subscribe to a pricing plan.

The Starter Pack costs $29/month which is perfect for startups and developing businesses. This plan suits those people who look for the most essential integrations to enable growth in their business. This plan includes 10 integrations, management of up to 25 tasks, 1000 Task Runs, and 100,000 operations.

The Pro Plan costs $59/month and this one’s perfect for those eCommerce stores that want to integrate multiple apps for their online business. You can have an unlimited number of integrations with the Pro Plan. On top of that, there’s an unlimited number of tasks, at most 50000 Task Runs, and up to 500,000 operations.

If you want some additional 10,000 operations, you can always add $9/month.

Syncspider Final Verdict

Syncspider may be a little bit slow since they’re relatively a new company, however, the pros outweigh the cons. Overall, Syncspider is a great app if you want to work with your online business without the hassle of juggling multiple apps. Also, they ensured that they included almost all of the lesser-known apps.

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SyncSpider Review

Rated 3.5 out of 5.0

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