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Do you want to know what your competitors are doing to become successful in their online business? If yes, then TexAu is the right software for you. TexAu, short for Text and Automation, is a marketing automation tool that allows you to extract data from almost anywhere on the web. In this TexAu review, you’ll see what it can do and what its features are.

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

What is TexAu?

TexAu is a marketing automation tool that allows you to extract data from anywhere on the web. For instance, if you want to extract reviews from the Google Play Store, or if you want to scrape for the latest trends, you can do so using TexAu. Once you collect data, it’s up to you what you want to do with it.

The data you gathered using TexAu can be used to create a list of your leads, send emails, determine trends, whatever you need for your business. TexAu will only extract data and provide them to you. No more, no less. You won’t even need advanced coding skills to optimize the full capabilities of TexAu.

It’s important to note that TexAu uses different terminologies for its apps and its processes. Spice is the term they use to denote the app in which you’ll extract data. On the other hand, the process or procedure where you combine these spices is called Recipe. For instance, you can call YouTube a spice, while the process of extracting URLs from a particular channel is called Recipe.

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TexAu Features

There are features in TexAu that are one of the best in the market, while some others need improvement. However, those features that need improvement don’t diminish the fact that the best features make TexAu a standout in the market. Here are the best features of TexAu.


Once you sign up for an account in TexAu, you’ll get redirected to the list of Spices that you can extract data from. As mentioned, these spices are the apps or software where you’ll get your data. By extracting data from these spices, you’ll get an idea of what’s working and what’s not. You can also see how your competitors are doing compared to your strategy.

TexAu can offer a lot of spices, ranging from Twitter and YouTube to Slack, Pinterest, Medium, Google, Quora, Craigslist, Reddit, you name it. These apps or spices are essential because this is where you can get the most data on what’s effective in the market today. And TexAu provides you with that data.

TexAu Spices


Again, recipes are the automation processes done to the spices you selected. For instance, if you select Twitter as your spice, the recipe can extract media from a Twitter profile. Or, if you selected Facebook, you can extract a company’s Facebook Ads Library, which is powerful data for social media marketing.

Once you extract data from a specific software or app, you’ll only wait about a minute, and TexAu will give the results back to you. You can store it on your account, or you can download it as an excel file. From there, you can analyze trends and determine your next steps based on the extracted data.

Spice Request

Of course, you can’t find all spices within TexAu, and the developers are still adding more Spices now and then. If you can’t find a specific spice, you can request it on TexAu’s website. You just need to state the app’s name and the process you want to do with that specific spice.

After all, TexAu listens to their customers, and they always respond quickly to queries and concerns. Not all customer support does that, so take advantage of it.

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TexAu Pricing

TexAu has four pricing plans: Free, Cloud Starter, Cloud Growth, and Cloud Agency. You can try TexAu for free within 14 days of signing. This free plan comes with an automation time for cloud and desktop, multiple automation processes, access to all spices and recipes, a total of 50 email enrichments, and access to all features and integrations.

The Cloud Starter plan costs $29.00/month. This plan includes 1.5 hours of execution time per day, 20 email enrichments per day, 1GB of storage, and a room for five automation at a time, and many more. The most recommended plan is Cloud Growth at $79.00/month. The Cloud Growth plan comes with 4 hours of execution time per day, 40 email enrichment per day, 12GB storage, and ten automation at a time, on top of the features included in Growth Starter.

Lastly, the Cloud Agency costs $199.00/month. This plan has 10 hours of execution time, 100 email enrichment per day, 25GB storage, and room for 25 automation simultaneously. The Cloud Agency works well for large businesses that rely on data analytics to determine their next course of action.

TexAu Pricing

TexAu Final Verdict

Overall, TexAu is a unique app that allows you to extract data from a particular website, software, or application. It runs on automation processes to extract or scrape data and return them to you. In this age of information, it’s crucial to rely on data to plan your strategies and marketing campaigns. And TexAu is one app that can serve your purpose.

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TexAu Review

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

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