TruConversion Review – Conversion Tracking Software

Do you want to know what your customers want without having to ask them? If yes, then TruConversion might be the best app for you. TruConversion is a heat map and conversion tracking tool which allows you to see what your visitors are doing on your site. In this TruConversion review, you’ll see how this app works and if it’s the best choice for you.

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

What is TruConversion?

TruConversion allows you to track the movement of your customers on your website. This is important because you’ll have an idea where specifically on your website do customers spend the most time on. 

By having this data, you can focus your strategy on amplifying that section while improving the less visited areas. In addition, you can see the exact movement of your customers when they visit your profile. You can also get analytics and feedbacks to see what your customers are doing on your website. 

If you see that your customers don’t spend their time on your website, then maybe you need to improve the content or employ some calls-to-action buttons.

With all the features inside TruConversion, you won’t have any trouble tracking the performance of your website. This will provide a larger picture of how your website performs when customers visit it. If you’re able to improve your website based on TruConversion’s data, the chance of getting a sale increases significantly.

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TruConversion Features

TruConversion has a lot of features that you can take advantage of. However, the three presented below takes the cake when it comes to tracking what your customers are doing on your page.

Smart Funnels

Marketing is an art that needs skills and experience to develop. The art of marketing itself is hard, and so is the creation of sales funnels that’ll work. With the Smart Funnels available in TruConversion, you can track the funnels you employed for your business in a matter of seconds.

In addition, creating a smart funnel in TruConversion is relatively easy. All you need to do is to determine the type of funnel that you want to use and input the necessary data. Afterward, TruConversion will do the rest of the job for you. All that’s left to do is to track and manage these funnels using the other tools available within TruConversion.

TruConversion Review Smart Funnels


Another great tool within TruConversion is the Recording tool. What makes this great is that it allows you to see how visitors navigated through your website. It’ll allow you to see what pages they landed on, what sites they visited, and what made them exit your website.

Also, it’ll show you the exact lines that their mouse traversed. What did they click? What did they see? Did they your products? All the answers to these questions are found under the Recording tool of TruConversion.

Heat Maps

Lastly, Heat Map allows you to see which part of your website has the most clicks. It’ll show you the most clicked, the most visited site, as well as the scroll behavior of your customers. This feature also allows you to interact with your page through its location, device type, and many more. 

Heat maps allow you to generate data on what specific parts of your website you need to improve on. If you employed a landing page and a call-to-action button, you could see if customers are clicking on that. 

You can also see how much time they spent on your landing page as well as the CTA. If you noticed that your site isn’t generating much interaction, now is the time to improve on it.

TruConversion Review Heat Map

TruConversion Pricing

TruConversion has three pricing plans: Basic, Plus, and Pro Plans. All of these plans are paid annually but the pricing in this review is per month basis. Starting with the Basic plan at $41.00/month, you can get at most 110,000 page reviews, 3 domains, and a limited seat for 1 user.

The Plus plan costs $83.00/month and it can provide up to 275,000 page reviews, 5 domains, and a limit of 3 users per account. Lastly, the Pro plan costs $149.00/month and can have up to 550,000 page reviews, 10 domains, and a limit of 10 users per account. 

These plans involve business plans only. If you have a large-scale agency, the pricing range is different and is more costly.

TruConversion Final Verdict

Overall, TruConversion is a great app that supplements any online business. With this type of tool, you can have an idea of what your customers want without asking them for it. In addition, it’ll also help you improve your website in a way to cater to more audience, and thus, generate more sales.

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TruConversion Review

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

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