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Video marketing is without a doubt the future of all marketing in business, but it’s a fight for rankings. Luckily there’s an easy solution. In this Video Marketing Blaster review, I’ll show you why it’s such a powerful Youtube marketing software!

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0

Like I mentioned earlier, video marketing is the future of all marketing efforts. In fact, Social Media Today claims that by 2022, video will account for 82% of all internet traffic. 82%! That is a number you can’t run away from so if you are someone who is looking to get in before everyone’s doing it, now is the time.

Which brings me to this Video Marketing Blaster review. Like you, I have realised the giant growth in Youtube and have decided to put all of my attention towards it. If you put in the effort now, you’ll be reaping the rewards for a long time to come.

Side note: If you haven’t yet purchased Video Marketing Blaster and you’re thinking of doing so, I have put together a package of 6x video courses that will help you grow other areas of your business. If you decide to purchase through any of the links on this article, I’ll gift you those courses for free! More info below.

Video Marketing Blaster Review mockup

What is Video Marketing Blaster

Video Marketing Blaster (VMB) is a software that analyses data from search engines like Youtube, Google and Bing and finds keyword opportunities. It can also help you create the perfect title and description of the videos to help it get recognised by the search engines, and give it the best chance of ranking at the top.

Not only will it find the best keywords for your topic and create a title and description for your video, it also analyses your competition to see how optimised their videos are. This gives you more of an idea how easy or hard it will be to rank.

To take it one step further, you also have the option to analyse your current published videos. It will provide a list of suggestions you can action to help rank your video higher than it currently is. 

Finally, once your video is up and you have optimised it, you can add it to the rank tracker and monitor how your videos are ranking on the search engines. 

Video Marketing Blaster Features

It’s safe to say that VMB is like the Swiss Army Knife of understanding how Youtube actually works. There are features for the things you think you need, plus the ones you didn’t know you needed. So let’s dig a little deeper on each tool and what it actually does.

Keyword Finder

This tool does exactly as the name suggests it does. You type in a keyword or topic you’re thinking about creating a video about and click research. From that search, you’ll receive a series of potential keywords you can use with different recommended scores. This score is an internally measured, I’d assume by competition vs searches per month. From that, you can check the box next to the keywords you’d like to use, or you can research something either broader or more niche.
Video Marketing Blaster Keyword Finder Tool

Module 1: Foundations & Fundamentals

Once you have chosen a keyword to use, you can now head over to the Video Details tab, where you can add in the keyword and click ‘Generate Details’. From just this keyword, it’s going to give you a few suggested titles that will help you in the ranking process. Don’t worry, it’s not final just yet if it looks a bit off. Sometimes competition can be high, so it puts extra emphasis on the keyword.

On the next step, it’ll ask for secondary keywords to use so it can generate a description for your video. Choose a few relevant, then click next. Finally it’ll ask for your Social Media links and website link and it’s all set to go. Press ‘Generate Details’ and your new information for your video will be created. Some things might be slightly off, so change them to sound a bit better, just try not to remove too many keywords.

Video Marketing Blaster Video Details Tool

Niche Analysis (Pro)

Now we get into the Pro tools. What the Niche Analysis tool does, is it scans what is currently ranking for your search term, and scans those videos. From that, you can see how well they have done SEO for their video, and it gives you an indicator of how hard it will be to beat them.

This is a really good tool, as I’ll actually do this before I create a video. If a search term has videos that have perfect SEO, I’d prefer to choose another similar keyword I know I’ll rank for.

Video Marketing Blaster Niche Analysis Tool

Video Report (Pro)

Once you have created our video, you can actually use the Video Report feature to scan your video and let you know what you can do, to get a higher rank. These things usually include:

– Keyword density (amount of times keyword or secondary keyword is mentioned in the description)
– Sufficient amount of hashtags in the description
– Captions
– Translations
+ even more.

If you really want your video to rank, you’ll take this information it has given you and action all of the items into your video edit.

Video Marketing Blaster Video Report

Rank Tracker (Pro)

The last feature you can use is the Rank Tracker which I am absolutely loving. You simply add a video to the rank tracker list by giving your URL and keyword, and it’ll scan it. It gives you options to also scan the Google Search Engine and the statistics of your video. This will give you a nice dashboard you can come to, to see how your videos are doing.

If you see some of your videos going down, it might be time to optimise it a little more.

Video Marketing Blaster Rank Tracker

Module 5: The Nitty Gritty & Going Live​

Once you go through Module 4 and start reaching out to clients, I highly recommend you power through Module 5. In here, you’ll learn all about making contracts, creating a project management system, creating client questionnaires, making invoices, etc. All of the things a real business needs to have in place! 

It’s quite an interesting module to get your head around, luckily they offer templates and set up training for all of these aspects. There’s even some advice for taxes and accounting too.

Module 6: Running Your Clients Campaigns​

Finally, once you lock in a few trial clients and complete all the initial paperwork, it’s time to start setting up some ads. This is where you’ll learn about getting access to clients accounts, safe practices while in there, the types of offers that do really well and ways to write effective copy. 

Once you have set up your ads campaign and you’re ready to go, you can also learn about lookalike audiences and re-marketing ads! Those are gold mines for clients in some specific industries.

Video Marketing Blaster Pricing

One of the things I like about the Video Marketing Blaster pricing, is you can get a licence for a one-off fee. Monthly subscriptions slowly creep up, so when I saw it was a one off, I jumped on the offer.

There are a few different plans get and during this Video Marketing Blaster review, I am currently on the Pro plan. As I slowly start forming my leads business for local companies, I will eventually upgrade to the Local pack too.

Initial Price: $27

The initial price for Video Marketing Blaster is incredible. There is a discount code “SPECIAL70” that is automatically added to get the $27 price, so don’t worry about that. This membership will get you access to the Dashboard, Keyword Finder and Video Details features.

OTO 1: Video Marketing Blaster Pro = $47 (Recommended)

Video Marketing Blaster Pro as shown in the video, brings a new set of tools to the table. Not only do you have the Finder and Video Details already, but you now get the Niche Analysis feature which lets you know how hard it will be to beat the current ranked videos. You also get the Video report feature which scans your published videos to give you suggestions how you can rank higher. Finally you get the Rank Tracker where you can add all of your videos and keywords, to track how they are going.

If you were going to get Video Marketing Blaster, I would look at getting the Pro version too as the tools work wonders.

OTO Upgrade 2: VMB Local Pack = $37

During the time of shooting this Video Marketing Blaster review, I don’t currently own the Local Pack OTO. However, it has sparked a few ideas and over the next few weeks I will purchase it. If you are thinking of generating leads for local companies, the local pack will be perfect for exactly that. If you are just doing your own videos, nothing to do with local though, you don’t need it.

OTO Upgrade 3: VMB Live Event Blaster = $67

Finally the last one-time offer is the Live Event Blaster. Right now, Youtube loves live events. So much so, that it will rank you on Google almost instantly if you are hosting live video. What the Live Event Blaster will do is allow you to schedule hundreds of streams of your videos for current and future dates, so they instantly rank! It’s a power tool I haven’t yet got my hands on, but I will be in the near future. 

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Video Marketing Blaster: Final Verdict

If you watched my Video Marketing Blaster Review video, you will see that I researched a lot before purchasing Video Marketing Blaster. It brings an element to my video marketing software arsenal, which will give me an unfair advantage to my competition.

If you think after reading this Video Marketing Blaster review that it is something you would like to use yourself, I am giving away a bunch of bonuses to help sweeten the deal if you use my affiliate link below.

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VMB Review

Rated 5 out of 5.0

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