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If you’re looking for an all-in-one-marketing platform, you may have heard of Wishpond. In this Wishpond review, we’ll be going over the landing pages, page builder, pricing, email marketing usability and other features.

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0
Wishpond Review

When it comes to online business in 2020 and beyond, the talk of the town is about sales funnels and automation. With the rise of funnel hackers on the internet and in social media, comes a flood of new landing page software. The question is, what separates the software from one another?

In my mind, the only way they could compete with each other is based on these variables:

  • A drag and drop editor
  • Hosting multiple pages for one funnel
  • Including email marketing
  • Adding email automation
  • Allowing custom domains
  • Competitive pricing

Wishpond has managed to keep up with the times and has offered all of these features plus more in their new marketing suite, which is getting better and better each day! Let’s break it down to really get into the nitty-gritty details.

Wishpond Features

As mentioned before, Wishpond is packed with features. To make any sales funnel software a capable product, it needs to be able to build pages and gather leads. One way to help speed up the process is having templates readily available to use in a range of industries. They must also be able to be customized easily to allow users to build and publish landing pages fast while functioning properly.

Wishpond Features Wishpond Pricing

Wishpond Page Builder

The landing page builder has recently been updated and is now a fully working drag and drop builder called the Canvas Editor. It has all your necessary elements to create stunning landing pages, plus a few extra modules like;

  • Countdown Timer
  • Social Sharing Buttons
  • Facebook Comments
  • Contest Entrant Panel
  • Contest Leaderboard
  • Bonus Entry Actions

One thing to mention is the Bonus Entry Action features. This is something you would normally need a 3rd party software for, like Kingsumo. This allows people who enter a contest hosted by Wishpond, get bonus entries for following actions like ‘Follow on Instagram’ or ‘Refer a friend’.

It’s not a normal set of features to have on any landing page builder I’ve seen before, so extra brownie points for Wishpond!

Wishpond Landing Page Builder Wishpond Review

Email Marketing Automation

While the landing page builder looks amazing, I feel the only thing I could fault with Wishpond is the email marketing and automation builder. Its design is basic and feels kind of plain, that being said it’s simple to use and functions as you’d expect to.

You have two options when creating email related campaigns, one is the Newsletter campaign which is when you create an email to be sent out to lists of your choice, or email automation.

The Email Automation campaign will allow you to set up emails to go out based on users engagement and interaction with your campaign. Things like being sent a welcome email, automations like cart abandonment and segmenting your emails can all be done within the email marketing module.

This is perfect for brand and companies to incentivise their audience to subscribe to lists in return for things like discount codes, ebooks and cheatsheets as they will be sent out automatically.

All and all, I do use the email marketing features inside of Wishpond and it is more than capable to do all the things a small to medium sized business would need.

Wishpond Email Marketing

Wishpond Tutorial

I’ll admit, when you first get started with Wishpond, if you are new to this type of platform it can be quite confusing. Luckily, I’ve shot an entire training video that walks you through the process of creating an entire campaign from start to finish. 

From creating your first landing page funnel to setting up an email marketing campaign. This tutorial will show you how to get started and get your campaign running.

Wishpond Pricing

One of the competitive factors between landing page software these days is the cost. So how does the Wishpond pricing look between plans? Actually not too bad! There are 3 plans available for users.

Starting Out Plan

The starting out plan includes all the bells and whistles you would need to create a landing page or pages, to start gathering leads and sending emails once subscribed. You are also able to add in your own custom CSS, host social contests and add pop-ups to your current websites. The one catch that makes the Starting Out Plan limited, is the number of leads you can have each month, which is a maximum of 1000.

Everything You Need Plan

This is the second option that is available, and as the name suggests, it includes everything you need. As well as all the features included in the Starting Out Plan, you also get A/B testing, custom Javascript, API access and an increased number of leads to 2,500.

Rapid Growth Plan

The last option available is the Rapid Growth Plan, which is their premium membership option. In this plan, you get all of the features in the other plans, plus a free coaching session and ‘first-in-line’ customer support. You can have between 10,000 leads and 1,000,000 leads
Wishpond pricing Wishpond review

Wishpond Review: Is it worth it?

After using Wishpond for a few months, it’s clear to see that it is a tool that is progressively getting better and is extremely suitable for small businesses and brands. The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to quickly build campaigns, then being able to create the emails all inside one software makes it even better for quick build-outs.

In terms of pricing, it is reasonably priced for the features you get and if my business was very social media-based or I wanted viral growth, Wishpond would be the choice to use without a doubt.

If you are interested in testing out Wishpond, you can get a 14-day free trial with any plan and using the links on this website will help support us.

If you have any questions or concerns about Wishpond, feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] and I’ll happily help you out. 

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Wishpond Review

Rated 5 out of 5.0

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