WPFunnels Review – Drag & Drop WordPress Funnel Builder

Are you looking for a tool that’ll increase your website conversions? If so, then WPFunnels might be what you’re looking for. In this WPFunnels review, I’ll show you how this drag & drop visual sales funnel builder turns your website into a powerful sales machine.

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

What is WPFunnels?

WPFunnels is a WordPress plugin that allows you to build sales funnels within your WordPress dashboard. If you are new to funnels, this basically means people are funnelled through a series of pages and steps, usually based around one product. The reason for this is to keep attention on the product at hand vs being distracted by other things on a website.

What makes this software so powerful vs using a 3rd party builder, is that you get to manage all of your website pages, products AND funnels within your back office. This eliminates possible glitches or integration problems, as it’s all native to your site.

One thing to note, this software currently only integrates with WooCommerce. WPFunnels also uses various page builders like Elementor so you use what you use on your website, plus you can integrate with email marketing tools to gather emails.

Having a software like this is perfect for all types of eCommerce including selling products, selling courses, building an online store, taking payments for bookings, and the list goes on.

WPFunnels Review Hero

WPFunnels Features

There seems to be a lot of new WordPress Funnel builders appearing around the place, but WPFunnels has some features that make it stand out from the crowd.

The main WPFunnels features include:

  • Visual Drag & Drop Funnel Builder
  • Pre-made Funnel Templates
  • Checkout page Customisation
  • Order Bumps
  • One-Click Upsells & Downsells
For me personally, the visual drag & drop funnel builder is a game changer!

Drag & Drop Funnel Builder

When I first saw the drag & drop funnel builder, I was gobsmacked how simple yet effective this is. The sales funnel builder of WPFunnels will allow you to map your customer’s journey inside your website. You can easily create a sales funnel by adding elements, dragging & dropping them to suit your needs, then connect them together.

Once your sales funnel outline is in place, you can then edit each individual step by clicking on the page and clicking on the pencil edit icon. After your funnel is complete, simply click save to publish. 

One of the best tools inside of this feature too, is the stats switch. Click on that, and you’ll see how many people go through each part of your funnel! Perfect for optimising your sales system for even higher conversions.

Pre-Made Funnel Templates

Like any page or sales funnel builder available, there are templates you can use. As WPFunnels has just launched, the selection is limited, however, there is more than enough to start your own systems.

On the free plan of this software, you get 3x 3-step funnels you can import into your website. This consists of a sales page, checkout page and order success page. On the Pro Plan, you get the free templates, plus an additional 1x 3-step funnel and 3x 5-step funnels. On the 5-step funnels, you get a sales page, checkout page, upsell Page, downsell page and order success page.

To use the funnels, simply choose the one you want, click on Import and in less than a minute, your funnel is ready to be edited.

WPFunnels Review Templates

Custom WooCommerce Checkout Page

One of the most exciting things about WPFunnels is the ability to customise your WooCommerce checkout live within your page builder. For this WPFunnels review, I used the Elementor page builder. Some of the things you can customise in the visual editor include the order bump, the layout of the checkout, the style of all the different types of text and colours.

For editing the products and the checkout fields, go back to the funnel editor and click on the settings cog. Inside there, you’ll have options to add products and edit fields.

WPFunnels Review Customisable WooCommerce Checkout

Checkout Order Bumps

Order bumps are very easy to add into your sales funnel. Simply click on the settings cog of the checkout page, click on Order Bump, then choose the options you want to add to your checkout. You can also choose where you want the order bump to appear. This can be done on this settings page, or on the visual page builder.

WPFunnels Review Order Bump

One-Click Upsell & Downsell Offers

Adding in Upsells and Downsells to your sales funnel will also help increase your customer value. To add in upsells or downsells, add the step into your funnel map, connect it where you want it to activate, then click on the cog to add in the products and price.

Once the settings are added, it’s time to edit the page to reflect the product you wish to sell. General rule of thumb for upsells and downsells is you want to sell something at a reduced price, as it’s a one-time only offer. If they don’t choose the upsell, you then lead them to the downsell where it’s either reduced even further, or it’s a similar product at a cheaper price.

WPFunnels Review Upsell Downsell

Using Page Builders

When creating this WPFunnels review, there were only 2x page builders available. Elementor and Gutenberg. At the moment, it doesn’t look like there is any plan just yet to add in any other page builder integrations, however Gutenberg and Elementor is enough for most people to use.

WPFunnels Pricing

There are 3x current pricing plans for WPFunnels with both annual and lifetime options. Please note, this may change over time, but I’ll try and update it as much as possible.

Small Plan: The Small plan is a plan that has 1x website license. This is perfect for small businesses or Solopreneurs that don’t need multiple websites. The annual cost of the Small plan is $97 per year, or you can get the lifetime deal of $237 one-time.

Medium Plan: The Medium plan is a more generous plan is terms of usage, as you get a 5x website license. This is great for marketers to run multiple websites, or medium businesses who have multiple businesses under one umbrella. The annual cost of the Medium plan is $147 per year, and the lifetime deal is $437 one-time.

Large Plan: The Large plan is the basically the unlimited plan, as you get a license with unlimited website installations. This is perfect for agencies, funnel designers, marketers, developers, or anyone who requires it to be installed in over 5 websites. The annual cost for Large is $237 per year, and the lifetime deal is $737 one-time.

WPFunnels Discount (LMR Exclusive 20%)

After talking with the creators of WPFunnels, they have generously offered the Legit Marketing Reviews fans an exclusive 20% discount coupon. Simply use the WPFunnels discount code “LMR20” at the checkout to claim the discount.

WPFunnels Pricing Dec 2020

WPFunnels Final Verdict

After seeing so many similar tools pop up on the internet, I was very satisfied with the experience while creating this WPFunnels review. You get the benefits of a funnel mapping software, with all the bells and whistles you need for a WordPress drag & drop funnel builder. I’m going to be using WPFunnels on future websites and I’m excited to see more features appearing in this software.

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WPFunnels Review

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

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