Writesonic Review: AI Copywriting Software For Beginners

Are you looking for an AI Copywriting software? Perhaps looking for a Nichesss alternative? Well you’re in luck. In this Writesonic review, I’ll show you how this tool gives you the ability to quickly and easily generate copy using it’s amazing UX.

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

What is Writesonic?

As mentioned, Writesonic is an AI copywriting software that allows you to create content based on your needs. With Writesonic, drafting compelling content for websites or landing pages for marketing strategies will never be an obstacle.

Once you sign up for Writesonic, it’ll provide you with credits that you can use for writing content. Different contents cost varying amounts of credits. For instance, long-form content will cost you 7 credits while short blogs will only cost 2 credits.

Writesonic created this software to help those digital marketers who struggle with creating content. Almost all online businesses struggle with things such as writer’s block, time constraints, budget cuts, or even lack of inspiration. With Writesonic, all you need to do is to provide a topic and the software will utilize the power of AI to draft one for you.

In addition, Writesonic serves as Rytr or Nichesss alternative. Both software are great in crafting content. However, Writesonic provides easy-to-use software and produces better content for websites.

Writesonic Review

Writesonic Features

Writesonic is relatively easy to use, and it provides versatility in terms of creating content. Once you sign up for the free version, 10 credits will be given to you which means you’ll have the capability to draft some form of short content. Whether you’re aiming for blog articles, social media posts, or landing pages, Writesonic has all the features that you want in AI copywriting software.

Types of Copy Generation

You can create various types of content using Writesonic. From Website copies to landing pages to copywriting formulas, Writesonic has it all. Writesonic was programmed to write a copy that creates engagement with the audience through minimum effort.

For instance, if you wish to create a website copy, Writesonic will ask if you want to write a landing page, a feature to benefit, a header, or an SEO Meta Description. If you need an article or a blog copy, Writesonic will provide blog ideas, intros, outlines, paraphrasers, article summaries, and more.

Writesonic is indeed impressive with what it does. It serves not only copywriters but marketing teams and eCommerce brands as well.

Writesonic Review

Guided Writing

What also separates Writesonic from other AI copywriting software is the guided writing that allows you to check the content every step of the way. With this, you can ensure that the content made has a human touch with it and not just simple and boring content that’ll sway your readers away.

After signing up, Writesonic will provide some guide on how it will craft the content. First, it will ask for your topic. After entering the topic of your choice, it will produce options for tentative titles.

After selecting a title, Writesonic will then ask for an introduction for the content. You’ll need to type it and submit your entry. After processing your intro, Writesonic will generate an outline with several subheadings.

If you’re successful in selecting an outline, the AI software will then generate content based on the outline. The amount of time required to generate a copy or content depends on the number of subheadings. Some may take less than a minute while some may take more than 10 minutes.

With its guide in crafting articles, you’ll never have to worry about coherence or consistency. Writesonic will do it for you!

Editable and Shareable Content

Of course, the material generated by Writesonic is not always perfect. However, developers ensured that the content generated by the AI is editable for you to give it a human touch. You can always adjust the paragraphs, the format, the spelling, the indentations, and other things.

You also have the option to share your content with other users because Writesonic allows copy-pasting and downloading of the generated content.

Writesonic Review

Writesonic Pricing

As already mentioned, beginners and new users can start with a free trial of the software. This plan will provide you with the main features of Writesonic such as landing page headlines, startup ideas, YouTube titles, as well as a readability checker. However, this plan comes with only 10 credits so the amount of content you can generate is limited.

The other 3 pricing plans include the Starter Pack, Professional Pack, and the Business pack, each costing $11.25, $40.05, and $202.05 per month, respectively. Of course, more features are included as the price of the plan increases. For instance, the Starter Pack will give you 75 credits while the Professional and Business Pack will give you unlimited credits.

Writesonic Review: Final Verdict

Overall, Writesonic is an impressive software designed to address problems related to content and copywriting. A lot of people have been through those problems and Writesonic provides easy-to-use software to solve those problems. Some features may be underdeveloped, but the creators are already improving the software to better serve its customers

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Writesonic Review

Rated 4.5 out of 5

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