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Are you looking for software that runs tiered SEO backlink campaigns? If yes, then Yive Ranker may be the best solution for you. Yive Ranker is a link-building software that allows you to build niche backlinks in multiple tiers. With this software, you can rank higher in search engines and build your platform. This Yive Ranker review will show you how this software can help you. 

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

What is Yive Ranker?

Yive Ranker is an automated SEO backlink software that allows you to create backlinks for your website. For instance, if you’re a vlogger, you can send your YouTube video to Yive. What Yive does is to distribute it to aged web 2.0 properties which allow your video to rank higher in YouTube search results. When your video ranks higher, it’ll create more engagements and potentially more sales.

Yive does this by employing four strategies for their campaigns: Scorpius, Pegasus, Gemini, and Hydra. These strategies are the backbone of the campaigns they employ, and they depend on several factors such as your goal, the number of competitions, the number of runs, etc. 

For instance, if you have high competition, you can use Hydra or Scorpius. On the other hand, if you want to generate more traffic, you can use Pegasus or Gemini. 

When you successfully run a campaign, you’ll see all the websites that linked their articles to you. These are all your backlinks and the higher you have, the more likely you’ll rank higher in search engines. With its easy-to-use features, you can ensure that Yive Ranker will help you get those SEO goals.

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Yive Ranker Features

Yive Ranker has a lot of features that you can take advantage of. All these features will help you generate more backlinks, and in turn, rank your website higher in search engines. This list doesn’t include all the features but here is the best out of them.

Campaign Creation

When you sign up for an account in Yive Ranker, your goal is to create a campaign that’ll generate backlinks for your blog or YouTube video. Thus, Yive Ranker has a lot of campaign styles that you can use. These can include URL to Network, YouTube to Network, RSS Feed to Network, YouTube RSS Feed to Network, and a host of many others. 

To create a successful campaign, you need to find the blog or YouTube video that you need. Copy and paste the link to the campaign template. After that, type in the primary and secondary keywords for your site. That’ll help people to look for your website quickly. 

You also need to choose a strategy like Scorpius, Gemini, Hydra, or Pegasus and determine how many backlinks you want. Lastly, you need to run the campaign.

Account and Tickets

This feature allows you to check the campaigns you run and see if they’re successful or not. You can also monitor these campaigns, generate data out of them, and adjust the necessary parameters to make your campaign more effective. You can also export links from each campaign in any format like .xls, .csv, or .pdf.

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Tutorials and Assistance

In case you’re finding this software difficult to wrap your head around, Yive Ranker also offers tutorials and assistance. For instance, if you encountered a problem while working on a campaign, you can save time troubleshooting and ask for assistance. The tool has 24/7 live assistance so you can contact them anytime.

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YiveRanker Pricing

Yive Ranker has only one pricing plan at $47/month. Once you sign up for this plan, you’ll get all the features within Yive Ranker. In addition, you’ll get 10,000 credits or backlinks. If you want to run a campaign, you can use these credits as a “currency”. Yive Ranker also has a 14-day 100% refund policy if you find that their services aren’t working well with your objectives.

YiveRanker Final Verdict

Overall, Yive Ranker is a great app that allows you to generate backlinks and rank higher in search engines. The world has entered into the digital age, and SEO is a commodity that you need to value. In line with that thinking, Yive Ranker creates a commodity that’s not only affordable but easy to use as well.

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Yive Ranker Review

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

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