Yive Video Builder Review – Best Vidnami Alternative

Are you having trouble creating videos for your blogs or marketing strategies? Don’t fret because Yive is the best software for you. In this Yive Video Builder Review, you’ll see how Yive can create stunning videos without having video recording equipment or video editing skills.

Rated 4.0 out of 5.0

What is Yive?

Yive is an automated software that helps you create and build videos like a pro. This software allows you to create your videos for YouTube, eCommerce products, websites, social media campaigns, you name it!

In addition, Yive also serves as a great Vidnami alternative. Vidnami has been specializing in many different areas of video editing which may complicate things for you. With Yive, all you need to do is to input your topic, script, and the number of slides and you’re good to go.

Lastly, Yive allows the creation of videos in less than 10 minutes. You don’t need technical skills in video editing because this software has built-in templates that you can use anytime and anywhere. Yive even adds its background music, subtitles, and text-to-speech. Yive can do all these things for you.

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Yive Features

Yive has all the features you’ll need in video builder software. It has some built-in images and videos, high-quality assets, and it even converts scripts to text-to-speech if you want to have that option. Here are some of the best features of Yive Video Builder.

Automated Video Builder

Once you sign up for Yive, you’ll be given limitless possibilities in making videos of any type. They can make RSS Feed Videos for blogs, URL videos, Keyword Videos, as well as Article Videos and Amazon Videos.

The default in making videos is Spintax. It creates the simplest videos, usually 2 to 3 minutes long. All you need to do is to put in some details such as the keywords, the script, as well as the video title. Rendering Spintax videos will take less than 5 minutes depending on the length you want.

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Customizable Video Builder

Another great feature of Yive is the guided video creation it offers. As mentioned, you need to put details such as your main keyword, the script, as well as the video title. You also need to specify the tags, intro text, and outro text.

Afterward, you need to specify the number of slides and the duration of each slide. If you want text-to-speech, you need to select the language, the type of voice-over, and the AI speaker who will narrate your video.

The last step involves the scheduling of your videos. You can select how many videos you want created or uploaded, and the campaign status. Once finished, Yive will render your videos depending on how much text you have.

Built-in Videos, Images, Music, & Voiceovers

Yive will then give you the finished video that you can save to your computer. Once you’re satisfied with the video, you can go ahead and upload it to your website or YouTube channel.

However, if you don’t like certain aspects of the video, you have an option to edit it or re-render it. Either way, you’ll be given options such as selecting clips that better match your script. One thing great about this feature is that the images or videos that you want are all free-to-use and watermark-free.

Yive Review Assets

Yive Pricing

Yive has three pricing plans which are the Starter, Business, and Enterprise plans. These pricing plans are one-time fee only which means that you’ll have all the features of your selected plan valid for a lifetime.

The simplest plan, the Starter Plan, costs $77 and it has all the features available in Yive. These features include all types of video builders, full video editor, text-to-speech option, Spintax option, and many more. However, you’re only limited to a monthly video limit of 3000 which isn’t that bad.

If you need more video limits per month, you can select either the Business Plan or the Enterprise Plan. The Business plan costs $147 while Enterprise Plan costs $297. Both these plans have all the features of Yive mentioned, but you’ll have a limit of 10,000 videos per month for Business while 30,000 videos per month for Enterprise.

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Yive Final Verdict

Yive is a video builder that allows you to create amazing videos even with no technical skills in video editing. Yive also serves as a great Vidnami alternative since it’s simpler to use and it provides versatility when it comes to video creation. Overall, Yive is a great recommendation for those who need to create videos without exerting too much time and effort in creating one.

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Yive Video Review

Rated 4.0 out of 5.0

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