Amazing Selling Machine Review | Is it Really Worth it?

Created by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback, Amazing Selling Machine is an Amazon FBA course. The course helps to learn how to build a successful physical products business on the platform (Amazon).

There are several Facebook ads about the course from the creators (you might have come across them by now) – we hope this review will you to understand the concepts clearly!

Amazing Selling Machine Review

Over the past few years, Amazon has shown great credibility. It had tremendous growth in terms of sales volume as well.

  • 70% Americans who earn $160K are known to have Amazon Prime Accounts.
  • In 2017, the Amazon net sale was $177.9 Billion. This was a 31% rise from the previous year when the net sales were just $136 billion.
  • However, even with such high numbers, e-commerce sales are just 11% of the total sales in the USA. This means that a major number of people still choose to buy from the regular stores. It means only 1 out of the 10 purchases is done online.
  • In 2016, Amazon sales accounted for 40% of the total online sales. All these metrics prove the fact that the market share of Amazon is increasing rapidly.

It is not just about the numbers alone.

Amazon has brought immense changes in the way an online e-commerce store operates. These include:

  • Flying Drone shipping
  • Automated warehouses
  • Local store pickup
  • Amazon own shipping company

Starting a business on Amazon is all about using the increasing popularity and success of Amazon.

What does the course teach? What should be done for a successful Amazon Business?

Building any successful online business requires lots of continuous efforts, focus and dedication, which helps in timely product order fulfilment and great customer support. Inside Amazing Selling Machine you will learn about these topics:

  • Extensive product research, finding more about competition.
  • Using Alibaba, sourcing the product, ordering various samples from the manufacturers and then testing the products.
  • Great negotiation ability, helping to get deals
  • Logo designing
  • Packaging design
  • Bulk ordering and sending the products to Amazon FBA centre
  • Listing products: Bundle creation, keywords, best price setting, product optimizing and more.
  • Sales optimization with PPC campaigns which help in driving sales.
  • Managing competitors prying eyes
  • Checking important Amazon business metrics
  • Virtual assistant hire
  • Building your own site
  • Selling the business

I believe it takes time to build a physical product business. The product selection needs to be perfect. You need to be a great supplier offering something new to the market so that the products are popular for quite a long time.

Legit Marketing Reviews

People were asked about the biggest challenge of the business. Results revealed that people were quite confused with niche/product selection. All are quite scared about failure. Various kinds of product samples are ordered before selecting a sample before no one desires to make the wrong choice. There is no guarantee about its success. Besides, a lot of time needs to be spent on product promotion till it achieves a prominent position on search results.

This course helps to learn all the tricks and tips, which are essential for success and helps in staying away from costly mistakes.

Amazon Product Listings – How They Rank High?

Fake reviews were quite popular, before the year 2016, to improve the rankings of the Amazon product listing. Now, it’s no longer easy to create incentivised reviews. Amazon is having stricter rules in the year 2019. Thus, all the Amazon FBA success stories related to enormous sales within a few weeks of product launch are not applicable now. In fact, any trick can actually hack your listing.

Finally, the conversion rate is what causes a product to get a higher rank.

It is about the number of people who land on the product listing and purchase the product.

Thus, it is quite crucial to have a great product selection. Having an amazing packaging design or logo is crucial as well. A smart product listing is vital as well.

A PPC paid advertising is one more method which is of great help when a product is being launched.

Today, there are several Amazon FBA sellers – thus, the competition is rising too. For steady sales, you need to have a legitimate approach of launching a product or for getting real reviews. Amazing Selling Machine is updating its course regularly every year.

amazing selling machine brand builder

Amazon FBA Business – Good and the Bad

Now, the important question – which is a better option? Having your Shopify e-commerce business or Amazon FBA business? Why Amazon Business Model is always a good choice than other online businesses:

The Good:

  • Amazon is growing; its popularity is on the rise. The business is here to stay.
  • Amazon FBA means lesser inventory worries, lesser uncertainties for shipping and packaging. Amazon does it all!
  • Good scope to create a brand. It can be sold later for a large sum.
  • Lots of opportunities
  • Business scalability with no overhead costs

The Bad:

  • Success might not be guaranteed. In fact, even after doing everything right, a certain product might just not work.
  • There are some recent algorithm changes. It might take a lot of time to get your product listed – things might not be as quick as expected.
  • Negative reviews are challenging.
  • Lesser control than having your own Shopify store.
  • Need to ensure that you have ample inventory. Returns and product complaints are a part of the business.


Amazing Selling Machine Conclusion

Amazing Selling Machine is quite popular as they have covered almost anything which needs to be known, in order to have a successful FBA business. The course is constantly updated so that all the latest changes are reflected. In the past, many tricks worked, which includes fake reviews but these no longer help now.  With every such change, FBA guys are worried due to their nature of the business, as they totally rely on Amazon.

Is it really worth it? If you’re prepared to spend a lot of time and money learning, then yes it can be extremely beneficial in the long run. If you are wanting something less complicated though and more automated, I’d recommend looking into a different industry.

To look at the full list of recommended companies, courses and opportunities that will best help you, visit my recommendations page.

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