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Thinking of joining GAZ? You need to read this Global Affiliate Zone Review before you join!

The idea of making a good amount of money without having to do much work is a fantasy for many. However, Mathieu Jang and Julian Sherman have proven that this fantasy can become a reality. It was in 2015 when these two AWOL Academy coaches launched Global Affiliate Zone or GAZ. A web-based training platform which aims to help an average person make a suitable income online. Without having to do much work.

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Global Affiliate Zone

This platform aims to transform any average person to someone who can make a full-time income through affiliate marketing. With the range of automated tools and programs from GAZ, the person only needs to do a small amount work – roughly around 10% of the work.

However, is Global Affiliate Zone legit? As soon as you share this opportunity of making money by promoting products to students, they immediately think of it as somewhat like a pyramid scheme. Thus it is very important that you become wary of your decisions and check to see if the training provided actually yield positive results. Also, it is important to know if the coaches really do what they teach about making money.

If you’re a sceptic person like me, you would also perform further research about this company. Unfortunately, when I looked up the company owner’s names I haven’t been able to find any of their websites – this immediately aroused suspicion from me.

Global Affiliate Zone Pricing

To be a part of the Global Affiliate Zone program, you’ll need to invest $99 as a registration fee. The website states that with this amount, you can get a personal coach to guide you through your training. However, in reality, all you’re getting with that is access to the private group.

As soon as you’re in, you’ll be offered with an upsell for $495 which covers a guide or walkthrough on how to make 6 figures.

Then, you’ll be given another upsell which amounts to $2475 to let the system do the work for you.

Global Affiliate Zone Pricing

Low Entry Price, Huge Upsells

Based on experience, products or services which charge higher amounts upfront and lesser amounts of upsells are qualified as good investments. Since it displays good quality – if you want good quality, you will always have to spend more. With regard to the Global Affiliate Zone pricing, I just wish that they included all the information we need upfront along with the costs involved. This would help people make a better decision whether to join or not. I think the low-cost registration fee serves as bait for users to sign up and eventually forced to spend for the ridiculous upsell amounts.

This could eventually lead users like Lisa upset since not all can be taken and achieved with the company with just a registration fee of $99 as advertised.

This is pretty much understandable.

This approach allows them to gather all kinds of people under various financial situations, and people will spend no matter how much they have. However, if you’re someone who is having difficulty spending $99 for a registration fee, then establishing an online business may not be the best thing for you.

Any online business will always need a good financial backup, and if you’re tight on your budget then it would be better to secure a job first to have something to support your business with.

Prior to establishing your business, you’ll need to work hard for an employer and build your savings.

Does Global Affiliate Zone Work?

The words “we do the work for you” cover choosing a specific niche where they can assist their clients. And they provide online website templates which users can use in their affiliate marketing ventures as soon as they join in the company.

Since everything is already provided, there is really nothing much to learn and there aren’t many skills to develop for the students.

There will be great chances that your website will be the same with other students since you’re using the same platform and the same procedure in building your website. This means you’ll have less originality and you’ll have lesser chances of winning against competitions like me who have mastered the skills in online marketing and building a self-sufficient online business.

In the long run, the amount you make will display how big your part is in the marketplace. The idea of making money without having to actually lift a finger already sounds fishy and you should always be wary about such things.

You should ask yourself.

“Did the creators of GAZ work hard to develop this program and every marketing approach that comes with it to build their customer base?” Yes of course! It wouldn’t be there if someone hasn’t created it. And it wouldn’t have reached customers without good marketing. Let’s say the coaches are really working to build value in the marketplace, how sure are you that you can really make sustainable income online without having to work?

In a way, it is actually misguiding to say that people don’t have to work using this program when they themselves have spent a considerable amount of money, time and effort to prepare the system.

Making it sound simple, sells better

They aim to automate and put into a simplified system all the affiliate marketing ventures and stuff.

Also, they try to target a wide range of potential customers by using their students as promoters through the affiliate programs.

And what do most people want these days?


People are meant to believe that success is about grabbing that opportunity.

That success comes from outside of a person and to be successful, the person must look for it.

As people adapt to this belief, they find out in the long run that success and money making are actually things that depend on a person – not through an outside force or some sort.

Is Global Affiliate Zone right for you?

In my own opinion, I’d rather not get close to these online opportunities such as GAZ or any other MLM. And as soon as you hear anything about affiliate opportunities with students, you should immediately consider its validity. This is for the reason that students joining a program. Just to become an affiliate already sound fishy and you’d expect to learn if you’re a student – not work as an affiliate.

So, a good question to ask is “are their methods and teachings effective?”

Can the coaches use the methods they are teaching to make money themselves? Or have they even considering what they teach to make money?

A lot of these programs which offer their students to become affiliates are basically just after the sales and profit. They do not consider what happens to their affiliates or to their students once they purchase. With this, we can say that they’re after the volume or quantity rather than the quality. This approach reflects on the pricing structure of Global Affiliate Zone which is structured like a networking company.

At first, you’ll get a cheap and affordable registration fee of $99 to get you eager to join and then followed up by upsell costs like $495 and the ridiculous $2475.

Of course, if this was all true and the training provided really produced impressive results for its students, then I wouldn’t mind spending a good amount like that.

Unfortunately, we cannot expect that kind of result in this affiliate training program and the build-it-yourself systems offered to students do not guarantee a 100% success in the field of online money-making.

Global Affiliate Zone Review: Final Thoughts

In this Global Affiliate Zone Review we see that GAZ aims to teach any person basic affiliate marketing. However, it is definitely not the most elite program available out there and has a hefty price tag. The only thing in question here is that the student doesn’t learn any skills since everything is already laid out for them. In the online marketing industry, skills are all that matters and it’s what gets you on top of your competitions. Which is why students in this program will definitely have a hard time in the industry should they choose to go this route.

So we could say that you need a unique set of skills – skills which are not common and used by your competitors. And for this, I highly recommend that you avoid this company. For a full list of recommended companies, courses, tools and training that will actually help you, check out my recommendations page.

If you feel this information is outdated and needs updating or is misrepresented, please let me know. I try to bring quality information to my reviewers and will revise this article. Please send an email to [email protected] and I’ll update this article. Thank you for stopping by!

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